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Top 5 - May 2015, by Mr.Jamdown
Some nice early 80s tunes.

Mr.Jamdown - 2 May 2015 - The Netherlands

Top 5 - April 2015, by James Brown

James Brown - 19 February 2015 - UK

Top 5 - February 2015, by Reggae Fan
Just a random selection of nice reggae tunes.

Reggae Fan - 2 February 2015 - Germany

Top 5 - January 2015, by Neyron Sound System

Neyron Sound System - 21 August 2014 - Lyon - France

Top 5 - December 2014, by DJ Greedy G aka Gordy Robertson

DJ Greedy G aka Gordy Robertson - 4 September 2014 - Barnsley, UK

Top 5 - November 2014, by Einstein Selector
In no particular order!

Einstein Selector - 7 October 2014 - Portland, Oregon, USA

Top 5 - October 2014, by John

John - 19 March 2014 - USA

Top 5 - September 2014, by Lennybop

Lennybop - 29 June 2014 - Wasington DC

Top 5 - July/August 2014, by Maxfield Avenue
Me Channel One vintage Top 5. No Cd.pure vinyl! Jah bless.

Maxfield Avenue - 12 July 2014 - Sweden

Top 5 - June 2014, by Haji Mike - Outernational Radio Show

Haji Mike - Outernational Radio Show - 11 April 2014 - Cyprus

Top 5 - May 2014, by Gijs

Gijs - 3 April 2014 - Netherlands

Top 5 - April 2014, by Wayne Wonder

Wayne Wonder - 22 February 2014 - Brooklyn Ny

Top 5 - March 2014, by Ronai Ordaz

Ronai Ordaz - 28 February 2014 - Jamaica

Top 5 - February 2014, by DubbyKing
Some of the dub tunes I've been listening this week. Thanks to Alborosie for bringing back old time dub style!

DubbyKing - 3 February 2014 - Sheffield

Top 5 - January 2014, by Michele

Michele - 7 June 2013 - Italy

Top 5 - December 2013, by Tunde
Buju Banton - Untold Stories: The most striking and soul stirring reggae tune ever (after Redemption Song by Bob), Bob sang about African slavery while Buju sang about the present day struggles of black people.
Burning Spear - As It Is: Burning Spear is an amazing musician and a wonderful performer, this tune speaks volumes about his musical prowess, literally.
Tarrus Riley - She's Royal: In this tune Tarrus re-established reggae as the 'love genre', great vocals, great song.
Buju Banton - Driver A: Buju Banton Buju resurrected a legendary dancehall riddim and demonstrated what makes him the most influential reggae artist alive.
Chronixx - Warrior: "Welcome Chronixx di general". That is the voice of the future as far as reggae music is concerned. Chronixx is set to take the torch and start a fire following the trend set by Bob, Tosh, Buju, Sizzla, etc.

Tunde - 26 November 2013 - Mauritiuus

Top 5 - November 2013, by Antonio Seglar
Ambelique - Goodnight My Love (Medley): He is back on 2013 with this magnificent song. The unmistakable voice of the great Ambelique. Enjoy.
Droop Lion - Poor People Are Suffering: New voice on the reggae scene. And what a voice. Incredible riddym. Music quality from Jamaica.
Tarique Ft. Amoui - Come Over: What a combination. Elegant music. Fall in love with Amoui´s voice. I will listen to this song forever. ¿And you?
Dubmatix - Rock and A Hard Place (feat. Pinchers): From the 2008 album Renegade Rocker, this is one of the best songs I have ever heard. It is a pleasure to be able to lisen to the incredible voice of the great Pinchers again. Enjoy.
Shaggy - Bridges (Ft. Chronixx): This is the best Shaggy album until now. Every song in it is a reggae gem. Produce by Sly and Robbie you must listen to it full. This is one of the incredible songs included in it. Dont miss it.

Antonio Seglar - 2 July 2013 - Ceuta (Spain)

Top 5 - October 2013, by Antonio Seglar
Tarrus Riley - Life's Story: One of the best voices of modern reggae. Incredible song. The more I listen to it the more I like it.
Alborosie - Kingston Town: Authentic regga music from Italy. The italians not only eat pizza.
Reggae Roast - Praises Unto Jah: Reggae at his best. I like the modern riddim, this modern sound, accompained by an increcible classic vocalist: Rod Taylor. Enjoy.
Gregory Isaacs - Private Beach Party Remixed: A classic reggae song of all times from the cool ruler exquisitly mixed. What a song.
Shaggy - Just Another Girl (feat. Tarrus Riley): From the 2012 album Summer in Kingston, perfect combination. The power of Shaggy and the gripping voice of Tarrus.

Antonio Seglar - 2 July 2013 - Ceuta (Spain)

Top 5 - June 2013, by Soul Survivor
My Personal Studio 1 Selection. Please have a listen and Enjoy!

Soul Survivor - 22 May 2013 - Finland

Top 5 - May 2013, by Anton Gross
From way back when......Disco mixes!

Anton Gross - 20 April 2013 - UK London