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josiah |
rip Frankie Tu Sheng Peng Paul
19 May 2017 - san francisco

Panama Lou |
Love the website! Great sort for updating my Reggae playlist.
30 April 2014 - USA

Brian Jones |
I love the charts.
18 February 2014 - Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Levi |
Iech zit get op mn kamer, bitsje reggae luustere en toen dach g in eine kier oan uuge site, en hr bevelt mg good mot g zigge! g kom binnekort uns langs op sjoal en misjien tot daan! Levi
13 September 2013 - Mestreech

Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Good bezeg Levi! Irie Irie!

Empress Esther & Little Dukie |
Hey, twie aw oliebollen vaan miech, te gekke site en leuk dat iech uuch weer ins hub gezeen in Geel 2013! Ver goon us weer dekser zien! Big up mr.T en Teacher, yuh big inna Maastricht and all ova! Jah Bless
4 August 2013 - Maastricht town

Pugs aka Country Hi-fi |
Big up Reggae vibes, it is one of the most crucial reggae resources on the web.

I make music under the name of 'Country Hi-fi' and I am a one-man-band and the only reggae producer in Northern Ireland, so this site is excellent for keeping up to date with what is happening in the reggae world

One love
22 March 2013 - Northern Ireland (UK)

Ken Brevett |
Try and snag interviews with Karl Pitterson and Malachi Smith.
24 August 2012 - Manassas, Virginia, USA.

Ken Brevett |
Speaking for Joe (90), Winston and Janoi, (Frank Jones), thanks for your thought provoking piece on our Brethren I Kong. We were there supporting him when, "The Way It Is," was in its infancy. We are still there for him. For us he was never forgotten. Hopefully, in the eyes and mind of those who had forgotten him, he will be forgotten no more. To those who have exploited him I say, "Justice delayed is not justice denied."

PS. You may want to change "Trevor Brevett," to "Ken Brevett."
24 August 2012 - Manassas, Virginia, USA.

Just read an interview with Mikey Chung, claiming that he was never in the Generation Gap Band, he did play for a while with the band, so did Martin Sinclair and myself.
21 August 2012 - USA

bob |
Good things a gwan from Uk. New albums coming from legendary bands Black Slate and Black Roots{sept 2012). Nuff raspect to your heartical crew and consistent album reviews. Higherman helps with this. Cool runnings inna your area.
22 June 2012 - San Bruno,California

edley |
year was born of robert nesta marley im kingston jamaaica
22 May 2012 - colombia

Carter Van Pelt |
Could you please include dates on the interviews and articles you post. It is really important information to have. Many thanks and keep up the otherwise good work.
19 April 2012 - New York, NY

adjan |
happy new year can i ask when the reggae and dancehall charts going to be updated
4 January 2012 - ghana

Messtah |
Nice site reggae Vibes! Visit it every week several times. Keep up da good works.
15 November 2011 - Denmark

Enwy |
Gracias por poner este musicote.
Thanks for this great music.
Vote Shabu.
20 June 2011 - Espaņa(Spain)

Steve |
Bredren, just wanted to say thanks for having the best reggae site on the net. I can always count on you for the most accurate and up to date reggae news/info out there. You guys cover everything!!! Reviews, samples, interviews, articles, radio, charts, videos, etc. it's all killer. Please continue with the amazing content, I would be quite lost without you!! Big up!!!
25 May 2011 - Canada

MiLZ |
Loving d vybz n information pon dis page.we need dis inna mama land.nating agwaan here.awholipa talent languish in poverty fe make tingz wek,bt nating agwaan.we need ya afi bridge d gap n make collaborationz from mama land.respect.
2 May 2011 - zambia-southern central africa

peter rippin |
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Anthony Doyley, the lead singer and song writer of the great band Knowledge, passed away in London, on Saturday the 26th of February 2011.

My wife nursed and cared for Anthony, and has been deeply affected by his passing.

May his friends, family and fans find peace knowing that he is at rest with Jah.

One Love.

1 March 2011 - Global

Josh |
Thank you guys for sharing the best music all over the world
3 January 2011 - Costa Rica

Billy Hutch |
Billy Hutch presents "More Love Jam Fest 2011 Live Tour" a unique initiative that seeks to fuse the musical talents of veteran artistes along with the young hip artistes of today. Billy Hutch a music veteran from th 70's with hits like " Know it and Do it", "Change of Time", "Great Father" and many more.

The Tour starts on 4 Feb 2011 and end 26 Feb 2011. This will be the show of the century so book your flights and come on down to beautiful JAMAICA.

One Love
12 November 2010 - Jamaica

Christer |
Thanks to Reggae-Vibes for publishing the great interview wih Gregory Isaacs! Didnt have the magazine left so it was real uplifting to read it once again.
My tribute to the greatest, Gregory Isaacs, After smoking my last cigarette: youtube. com /watch?v=kNmtaTNuPBE
9 November 2010 - Sweden

Ndaedzo Muvhenzhe |
Thanks for the site i am highly impresed.Jah be with you people including the Americans who kill innocent blood.up with the sprit of the late Rastafarians!!!!
2 November 2010 - South Africa

Ras T |

A di baddest site pon di scene keep up di great work mi love dis. bless
27 September 2010 - Zimbawe

Pedro Oliveira |
I Wonder if you know Freddy Locks, reggae singer/songwriter from Portugal. Please check it, as you can find it on i-tunes and is missing in your list.
Maximum repeckt for your work promoting the music we love!
6 August 2010 - Portugal

edubz - Jah will rise you up |
Love the site. keeping promoting reggae music. check out new reggae music from Jah Juice & Principle - Jah will rise you up
18 July 2010 - Jamaica

Alex |
Hey guys,
Wanna share with you great Andru Donalds new reggae summer song "Marble Eyes"
Watch on Youtube!
14 July 2010 - jamaica

Emerson Silva |
I would like to congratulate the site reggae vibes, for the beautiful music and information. I'm always talking about the site for people here in Brazil.
13 July 2010 - Brazil

Jamvybz All Star Band |
The Jamvybz All Star Band is the fastest rising band in Jamaica, check us out at the Miss Western Jamaica Coronation Show on July 11 at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville
22 June 2010 - Jamaica

humbleafrican |
greetings n thks to u mr t n teacher n all those who has make this possible for spreading the reggae message ,u broke down barrier's tru the w.w.w jah guide n more vision n ur work ,bless 1luv 1aim.1destiny
13 June 2010 - senegal

Maren(Sistaz make sound) |
Just had a great time watching the site and listening to a lot of nice tunes,my two kids were dancing , big up,one love!
2 June 2010 - Tübingen,Germany

Brian Phillips |
I read a bit of the Trevor Shields interview. I have a record called, "Got to Leave This Town" by Sammy Brown on Grassroots. I was wondering if the "R. Simmmonds" songwriting credit might be attributed to the fellow that was "Bop" of the Beltones. The record is from 1972 or so.
17 May 2010 - McDonough, GA

Marley |
What a great site, this will inspirered visitors to relax and watch everithing on this website.

A lot of respect from Amsterdam the Netherlands
24 March 2010 - Amsterdam the Netherlands

sally |
this is a bomb sight . love the divotion of reggae and the peace it gives to all of us reggae lovers. where eva in the world reggae is and were it aint we gotta take it there.tree shouts for da reggae
5 February 2010 - washington

Dan Franck |
Keep up the good work. Reggae music is keeping us alive.
3 February 2010 - Chatham, NY USA

Bonita D. |
PRESSURE BUSS PIPE wanted to share two FREE tunes with everyone, and to thank you for your support. New Album released Dec 09, titled "Coming Back For You" Check it out on his myspace at myspace dot com pressurebusspipe

Bless for the support!
29 December 2009 - Global

Vowhxs |
this site is de wickidest. mob luv.
11 December 2009 - kenya

Carlos Jones |
I'm keeping the fiya burning here in Cleveland, OH. One love to all torchbearers all over the world. JAH bless!
12 November 2009 - Cleveland, Ohio

Tony T |
If inna New York City on Friday, November 13th, check out The Reggaeholics party at Don Hill's Club.
Conscious - Positive - Hot! Reggaeholics - Real Reggae Vibes growing strong inna New York City.

One Love
10 November 2009 - New York City

Robin hood |
Big up 2 all dem in a reggae music One Love
19 October 2009 - London

Killermaus |
much respect for the quantity and quality of the reviews, it is easy for all reggae-fans to keep up-to-date what's happening in reggae-music with your website
17 October 2009 - Holland

Hobbol! |
Mi love it!.specially the Hot&fresh 15
One love,
21 August 2009 - Holland

Jeanabe |
Jus' wanted to show mi luv and tell ya that I luv this site. I live in a small town in Tennessee where you can't find reggae and this allows mi to at least get my fix and see whas goin' on! Much continued success and blessings. One Luv!
3 July 2009 - USA

RaS_eb |
Great site!
Bless it up.

One Love, Perfect Love, Rastafari Love
22 May 2009 - Guadeloupe, West indies

lucky girl |
nuff respekt mr T and Teacher.
me still have the vibes inna me head from De Muziekgieterij after Lady K Wida s show.
Few people enjoyed the old muzik u played.
Me i enjoyed it. Raspect .
greetingszz oet mestreech van carien
20 May 2009 - mestreech inna de netherlands

Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Bedaank!

irieunited |
nice stuff
8 May 2009 - virign islands

Drughead |
we used to have reggae gold and reggae hits,wa gwaan these projects?
6 May 2009 - Malawi,central africa

Remco |
hoi hoi heb jullie meteen bij me favorieten gezet ierie site Big Up van mij Bless en misschien tot snel
30 January 2009 - netherlands (hengelo ov)

Patrick Lomodong |
nuff respect mr. Teacher and mr. t ya man mi love the website i want yu fi add five more songs on the chart if possible me dere fi good time and joyment. want to bigup jah mike (michael couburne) from reggae vibe production music inc and alongside ras charles jones on whrw 90.5fm sundays 12:00noon to 2:0pm eastern time . jah his majesty holy l
18 December 2008 - earth

montesqui |
i know the song splashing dashing by Garnett silk is from a poem but cant remember who wrote that poem can somebody help?
24 November 2008 - orlando

Ras Danny |
~Bigg Up from Trenchtown!~The Birthplace of Reggae Music!~One Love~Ras Danny~
23 November 2008 - Trenchtown, Jamaica

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