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NEW YORK -- Consistency is tough to establish in the pop music business. But the sweet and slamming dancehall reggae sounds of TANTO METRO & DEVONTE seem to gravitate naturally to the mainstream, as proven by the success of their second crossover hit in two years, “Give It To Her,” the lead single from their new Shocking Vibes/VP album, The Beat Goes On.

Their previous breakthrough single, 1999’s “Everyone Falls In Love,” produced by Donovan Germain for his Penthouse label, had a nearly two-year run, first in hip-hop and reggae clubs, and then on urban and pop radio. During that time “Everyone Falls in Love” charted top 40 in national R&B airplay, and clung tenaciously in the pop chart for an astonishing 16 weeks. The album, meanwhile, held the No. 1 position for two weeks on Billboard’s chart of top reggae albums, and stations from Boston to San Francisco reported power rotation and No. 1 phone requests in every ethnic and demographic listener category. The song’s uncommon durability in independent distribution through VP, the leading marketer of reggae music in the U.S., subsequently led to a brief association with Sony Music.

But the duo made the decision to return to the independent VP to cut their next album over the course of 2001. And lightning struck twice for Tanto Metro & Devonte, as the leadoff single, “Give It To Her,” based on the popular new Jeremy Harding/2 Hard produced “Liquid” rhythm, again touched off a grass roots-driven crossover at market-leading pop, dance and urban radio stations in Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco. As of this writing, “Give It To Her” was already in the top 50 of the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart, having charted immediately upon release in early 2002 -- far more quickly, in fact, than their first hit. “We’re really impressed with how fast the new record’s reacting,” says Randy Chin, President of VP Records. “It’s a challenge for any artist to deliver a strong follow-up, especially when dancehall is treated as a niche category by most programmers, so it’s really outstanding when their follow-up tune starts out faster than the first.”

Tanto Metro (Mark Wolfe) started toasting on the Metro Media sound system in 1982, at age 13. His father, a policeman, was not happy with his pursuit of music, but Tanto committed himself to his career and, in 1996 released his first single, the fittingly-titled “We Are Professional,” for producer/deejay Jah Thomas. Shortly thereafter, Tanto joined the Shocking Vibes production company as a solo act, and his adept way with deejaying, singing, dancing and comedy marked him as a versatile all-around entertainer, prepared in every way when “Everyone Falls In Love” launched a long tour of gigs around the world.

Devonte (Wayne Passley) also found his career early, debuting in grade 9 as a singer in a local Kingston sound system, Sky Creation. With a style influenced by Michael Jackson, Beres Hammond, and the beautiful voice of his own mother, Devonte cut his first single for King Jammy in 1993, and made major stage appearances at Ghetto Splash ‘96 and Reggae Sumfest. Following singles on the Madhouse and Penthouse labels, Devonte had his first major hit, “Bashment Sitt’n,” with Shocking Vibes.

The two had been paired by executive producer Patrick Roberts in a series of dancehall hits when “Everyone Falls in Love” took them to the next level of worldwide success, first topping local charts and then crossing over in both the U.S. and U.K. national pop charts. “It was a good chemistry, a friendship, ideas flowing. We were doing our thing with vibes and happiness, not really worrying about the success of it,” says Tanto, recalling their first sessions as a team. “Our greatest strength together is communication,” he adds. “I was newer to recording,” says Devonte: “Tanto was like a teacher, when we were flexing in the street, so the friendship was there when we started recording together.” With the explosion of “Everyone,” the duo were thrilled to find themselves sharing the stage and performing TV shows side by side with lifelong idols, and earning their own applause. “There’s a chemistry between Tanto and me, and a chemistry between us and the fans,” says Devonte. “They participate in our energy.”

With the immediate acceptance of its first single, THE BEAT GOES ON has become a showcase for the duo’s versatility -- an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the hottest new rhythms from Jamaica’s dancehalls, as well as a look at the R&B and jazz influences that have always been present in Jamaican music. Aside from the massively popular single, produced by Jeremy Harding for his 2 Hard label, further key album tracks include “One Girl,” featuring guest artist Beenie Man; and “Tia Maria,” joined by frequent collaborator Mega Banton. “Love Me Forever,” on the “Rice and Peas” rhythm, and “Teaser,” produced in Miami by Richie D, are also highlights, while “Suzie,” on the “Orgasm” rhythm, has already been an underground hit in Jamaica and New York.

The greatest appeal of reggae right now, says Devonte, “is that it’s both positive and real. We take time out to think, and write, and listen about what the people really want to hear.” Adds Tanto, with obvious pride, “The music grows, from strength to strength, with all the records that have been playing for years and the great artists of Jamaica.”

“Tanto and Devonte make truly accessible records, because they're so great at bringing melody to a record, and, simply, because of their talent and magnetism as performers,” comments VP Director of A&R Murray Elias. “Like Shaggy, Beenie Man, Sean Paul and the other top-tier names, they're exactly the kind of artists that will really register with every segment of the mass audience, and thereby keep reggae in the spotlight as the genre itself grows and evolves.” The admirable track record of Tanto Metro & Devonte is likely to keep them, and contemporary reggae as a whole, before the global pop audience.

Tanto Metro & Devonte

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Morgan Heritage - the royal family of reggae - will perform on one of the largest and oldest music festivals in Europe... Pinkpop, which will take place in Landgraaf (located in the south of The Netherlands) on 18-19-20 May 2002. Expected are some 65,000 music lovers who will be treated to a wide range of musical outings which includes styles like heavy metal, funk, soul, dance, hardcore-folk and reggae, to name a few. Performances will be covered by Dutch radio and television. Morgan Heritage will take Pinkpop's mainstage on Monday, May 20th. Other reggae-related acts featured on this world famous festival are Beef and Sergent Garcia.

Morgan Heritage

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Larry Marshall, one of the founding fathers of reggae, has prostate cancer. Having never reaped the rewards his career deserved, Larry has had to earn a living by working on building sites in Miami. He is not critical and is receiving treatment. I feel it's time to let him know that he is not forgotten.

We have auctioned two items for Larry, with more to come in three weeks (after my honeymoon). In addition we have had quite a few emails from people who want to donate to the fund (or send money to Larry directly) including one very generous offer of $250.00. Others have posted much smaller amounts, but they are still VERY welcome. Larry and Mary have been very moved to know that people still care.

You can either send donations via Paypal (if they are members) to stating that it is for the Larry Marshall appeal.

You can also send cash ($ or £) to us at:
46a Crockerton Rd
London SW17 7HG

You can also send £UK cheques written out to 'Motion Records Ltd' to the above address.
Or you can send us $US cheques written out to 'Franklyn Marshall' for us to pass on. Letters to Larry will also be passed on. Or if people prefer they can send the money directly to Larry.



James Dutton, Motion Records Ltd
South West London
United Kingdom

Larry Marshall

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Greetings Promoters & Soundsystems. Civalizee Foundation sound & Red Alert Sound presents FIRE LION European Showcase Tour. We can offer all European Promoters & Sounds the Montego Bay based Artist FIRE LION aka the Lava man inna 45" style. We offer you this package: FIRE LION (Jamaica), RED ALERT (Belgium/Jamaica), CIVALIZEE FOUNDATION (Belgium).

Everthing has its price: and this one we offer you cheap cause its all about promoting FIRE LION, so remember: its not a commercial offer. Everything goes to the artist. The fee would be about 500 a 600 EURO or 430$ a 515$ (everything inc.). If yuh wonna put on more as one show we even can make a nicer deal. So that's not a very expensive cost, we offer you a whole night of 100% dancehall entertainment, 100% Jamaican style. Fire lion will tour Europe in May, June, Juli, August but it depends a little how full the tour is booked. So yuh better be fast if yuh want a good date!!

wanna hear a soundsample of FIRE LION? go to SOUNDQUAKE website: and click on FIRE LION: ZUM ZIE: a killer tune we tell yuh. (if the link doesn't work check and go to the block buster riddim) his style? Bobo Dread style as Sizzla, Capleton, Jah Mason... Fire Lion performed at Sumfest 2001 where he mashed up the place in good company such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Baby Cham, Lady Saw, Elephant Man, Merciless, Mr. Vegas, Hawkeye, Frisco Kid, Ce'Cile, Ricky Rudie, A.K.A. Bling Dawg , Kip Rich, Lt. Stitchie, Alozade, Delly Ranks and Silva Kid.

Want more references? Here we go: *Reggae Ruption (JA), Peace Concert (JA), Sumfest '94,'96,'00,'01 (JA), Final Assassination (JA), Sizzla's Birthday Bash '00(JA), Return of the StinkWeed 2000, Bob Marley's Birhtday Bash '01, '02 (was live pon the internet!!), Beenie Man's peace concert '00 (JA)... *He's first major tour took him to Port of Spain (Trinidad) where he shared the stage with Glen Washington, Anthony B...etc *Girls Rush Showcase, an ARP affair at Pier one complex, story by Adrean Frater for The Jamaican cleaner: Montego Bay-based Fire Lion, who has been describing himself as the Lava Man, was most impressive. During a performance in which had the crowd in his corner, the deejay took time out to teach the audience his new dance, the Zum Zi, which had them screaming with delight... For more info and bookings don't wait and link up!
email :

info and bookings also at 0032498.73.89.29 or 0032486.90.69.62

Respect & Blessed,

Fire Lion

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Lighting Strikes Twice – Tanto Metro and Devonte Back On Billboard

Kingston, Jamaica: — Tanto Metro and Devonte hit the highly respected United States based Billboard chart again. ‘Give It To Her’, the first single from their second album, ‘The Beat Goes On’, is currently at number 72 on the Billboard R&B Singles Chart (February 16). The album has also made a showing in the number 15 position on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

The Jeremy Harding produced track has been added to the play lists of several mainstream radio stations, including HOT 97 in New York and Power 96 in South Florida. Radio stations in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, the New York/New Jersey/ Connecticut Tri Sate Area and South Florida have been spinning the track, prompting the Billboard debut.

The popularity of the single has spurred album sales, pushing the 17-track project to number 15 on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart. Other hot tracks on the album include ‘Teaser’, from Miami based producer Richie D, ‘Love Me Forever’ on the popular Rice & Peas rhythm and ‘Suzie’ from Richard “shams’ Browne on the Orgasm rhythm. ‘Suzie’ was released on 7 inch vinyl and charted both locally and in New York.

Stable mate, Beenie Man makes an appearance on the Shocking Vibes produced ‘One Girl’, while long time friend and writing partner, Mega Banton, teams with the duo on ‘Tia Maria’. A collection of Jazz and R&B flavoured tracks round out the album, illustrating the versatility and cross over potential of the act. Shocking Vibes CEO, Patrick Roberts, carries Executive Producer credits on the VP release.

Tanto Metro and Devonte will be making several appearances in both North America and the Caribbean to promote ‘The Beat Goes On’ and the first single, ‘Give It To Her’. Tanto Metro and Devonte scored in 1998 with the release of the radio friendly hit, ‘Everyone Falls In Love’. The song topped local charts before crossing over into mainstream radio on both sides of the Atlantic. Both the single and the album were a tremendous success for the duo, appearing on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles and R&B Album Chart.

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West Indian Social Club, Hartford CT $30 at the door, v. good turnout Backed by Ruff Stuff band

After some brief spots from some local artists, Warrior King took the stage about 2:30 am kicking off with Breath of Fresh Air and then Never Go Where The Pagans Go. Next up were 2 new tunes, one over a one-two bingi drum beat tapped out by 1 of the the keyboardists. Dont know if he was out of tunes or whether the issue was rehearsal time w/ the band, but he ended up doing 2 songs twice each, coming again with the bingi tune as well as Virtuous Woman 2x to end his 1/2 hour set.

After introducing Freddie McGregor, the MC then realized he should have introduced the next act Lymie instead. Crowd was ready for Freddie, but Lymie did a quick set of 2 tunes and sang sweet, "Everytime I Touch You" and a wicked tune on Queen of the Minstrel riddim.

Freddy was in fine form as usual, and the bulk of his 50 minute set was similar to last few times I have seen him. Every Little Thing, If You Wanna Go, Africa Here I Come, To Be Poor Is A Crime, Prophecy, Push Comes To Shove, Stop Loving You, and Big Ship started off the show. With a nod to his "sings JA Classics" album series, he then did Let Him Try, Loving Pauper, and I Was Born A Winner. A brief big up to D. Brown introduced his versions of Here I Come and Revolution. Dont Hurt My Feelings and Dont Go were next, followed by a newish tune Loving Jah (unfortunately the only new tune for the night, but a good choice). Key To The City was next followed by the last tune Bobby Babylon, promised early on to a persistent member of the audience. Dance was done at 4am.

Posted on newsgroup by Paul B.

Warrior King

Freddie McGregor

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Press Release, February 6th, 2002 :
London - As fans worldwide celebrate Bob Marley's birthday, legal proceedings begin to protect legendary band's legacy. In an effort to recoup what could possibly be millions of dollars in unpaid royalties Aston "Familyman" Barrett, the bassist, songwriter and producer of Bob Marley and the Wailers, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of himself and the Estate of his deceased brother, Carlton, against Universal - Island Records Limited and its affiliated company, The Island Def Jam Music Group, a division of Universal Music Group, Inc. (collectively referred to herein as "Island Records"), charging both companies with "breach of contract." The lawsuit was filed in London.

In 1974 Aston Barrett and his brother, the band's drummer, were contracted along with Bob Marley by Island Records to produce Natty Dread, their first international and major label record. This 1974 contract provided the basis for all subsequent recording contracts between Bob Marley and the Wailers and Island Records and listed all three parties as signatories. However, neither Barrett nor his brother, who died in 1987, have received royalties from Island Records in nearly a decade for their work with Bob Marley and the Wailers, including songwriting and publishing royalties for several of the band's hits that they wrote collectively and individually which include "Rebel Music," "War" and "Who The Cap Fit" since Bob Marley's death in 1981.

"Bob was my best friend and my partner and I loved him dearly," Barrett said. "Together we wrote and produced songs that still touch the heart and soul of everyone around the world. We worked together on the music and together we shared our success. If Bob were alive today, there would be no lawsuit. He wouldn't have allowed this to happen."

At stake in the lawsuit is not only the Barretts' reputation and recognition as musicians but also their legal right to potentially collect millions of pounds (dollars) in royalties. In a recent article in She Caribbean, Rita Marley, Bob Marley's wife estimated that her husband's estate, which she controls, is currently worth $600 million. One can reasonably assume that a significant portion of that wealth was derived from royalty payments received by the Marley Estate from the sale of Wailers recordings.

The Barretts joined The Wailers in 1968 and reformed the band as partners in 1974. Together they recorded 11 albums as Bob Marley and the Wailers. The band is one of the biggest selling artists of all time, earning millions of dollars in royalties annually. Before Bob Marley's death, proceeds from record sales, publishing, live concert and merchandise were split between the Barretts and Marley. The Barretts would then distribute their share with the other band members depending on who was working with the band at that time. After Marley's death in 1981, Rita Marley continued making payments to the Barretts for a period of time. Eventually, these payments ceased, causing the Barretts, as well as other members of the Wailers, to sue the Marley Estate. This suit settled in 1994, at a time when Carlton Barrett had long been deceased. Although Aston Barrett believed that the settlement of this matter would mark the beginning of fair treatment between the Marley Estate and himself, the sad fact is that, since then, the Estate has kept songwriter and artist royalties paid to it by Island Records on behalf of the Barretts without distributing said monies to them.

Aston Barrett has attempted several times over the past few years to resolve this issue with the Marley family to avoid legal action. His requests for fair compensation have continually been ignored or put off. Island Records and the Marley Estate, while giving lip service to the Barretts' significant role in the success of the Wailers, have at all times refused to compensate Aston Barrett or his brother's estate. Instead, the Marley Estate and Island Records each seek to pass the responsibility for paying such compensation onto the other. Under these circumstances, Aston Barrett has no choice but to "get up and stand up for his rights."

"Bob must be rolling over in his grave as he watches everything we worked for together be torn apart," Aston Barrett said. "I am left with no choice but to stand up for my rights and insist on collecting what I have worked my whole life for and what I am rightfully owed."

Barrett is currently touring the United States with the band The Wailers, which also features other original members of Bob Marley and The Wailers.


· 1947 – Aston Francis Barrett born in the eastside of Kingston, Jamaica.
· Mid 1960's – Aston and his younger brother Carlton "Carly" Barrett achieve international success with their band the Hippy Boys and two Top Ten hits with another band the Upsetters.
· 1968 – Bob Marley invites Aston and his younger brother, Carlton, to play with him and his band, The Wailing Wailers, which later became The Wailers. At the time, Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston, together with Bob Marley, were the members of the Wailers.
· 1971 – The Wailers sign with Island Records.
· 1972 – Catch a Fire, their major label and international debut, is released worldwide.
· Founding members Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer leave The Wailers and the group disbands.
· At the urging of Aston and Carly, Bob Marley reforms the band into Bob Marley and the Wailers. Aston becomes the musical director for the band and contributes bass, piano, organ and guitar on many of their songs while Carly plays the drums. Aston also hired other members of the band and assumed both engineering and producing roles on all records.
· 1974- Bob Marley and the Barrett brothers sign a record contract with Chris Blackwell and his label, Island Records. This agreement is the foundation upon all future recording contracts are based. The initial album released under this contract is the seminal work, Natty Dread.
· 1970's – The band tours worldwide and receives unprecedented levels of popularity and influence.
· 1977 Exodus is released. Time magazine chose this album, which Aston, produced and mixed, as the "Album of the Century."
· 1981 – Bob Marley dies. Before his death, Bob called Aston and asked him to mix the song "I Know," the last Bob Marley and the Wailers single released before his death.
· 1985 The Barretts pay a heavy price for their fame. Their father is kidnapped and held for ransom in Jamaica. Rita Marley refuses to help and their father is dismembered and killed.
· 1987- Carly Barrett is killed by his wife. In a separate incident Peter Tosh is killed.
· 1994 - After years of dispute, the Marley Estate settles with, among others, Aston Barrett, concerning monies owed to him for past services. No sooner than the dispute is settled than songwriter and royalty payments made by Island Records to the Marley Estate (or its designee) on behalf of the Barretts are wrongfully retained by the Marley Estate. Shortly thereafter, Aston begins his efforts to recover this money.
· 2002 – Aston files a lawsuit against Island Records and Universal Records.

The Barretts' US legal council, Stewart Levy of the New York City firm Eisenberg Tanchum & Levy, previously represented Danny Sims, Marley's former manager and song publisher, in a copyright lawsuit against the Marley Estate. In the course of that litigation, Rita Marley resigned as the executrix of her husband's estate and admitted that she had forged her husband's name in order to transfer stock in his corporations to herself. Representing the Barretts in London is Chris Hutchings of the Charles Russell firm, which represented Bunny Livingston Wailer in his successful lawsuit against the Marley Estate.

Aston "Family Man" Barrett

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I spent the weekend visiting a friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn. (On Friday we saw the amazing Algerian rai singer Khaled and the Egyptian pop singer Hakim put on a great show at the Beacon Theatre.) On Saturday, my friend had to work, so I decided to check out one of the reggae shows happening in Brooklyn. While Warrior King was headlining his NY debut show at the Club Warehouse, the venue seemed pretty inaccessible via subway, so I decided to check out "Gregory Isaac's 30th Anniversary in Reggae" at the Tradewinds Restaurant on Empire Blvd (accross the street from the legendary Empire Skating Rink). Gregory had just played this same venue in late December, so I was surprised he was coming back so soon.

The show was advertised as having Gregory, Johnny Osbourne, Tony Tuff, Ed Robinson, and Roman Stewart with Marlon Stewart, all backed by Calabash Band.

Attendance wise, the show flopped pretty badly. I don't think there were much more than 100 people in the ballroom at any point in the evening. Considering that Gregory used to headline arena-level package tours, it is amazing he can't draw more than 100 people on a Saturday night in Brooklyn. But given his often erratic behavior, it isn't too surprising either. And the show wasn't very well advertised--I walked around several parts of Flatbush and didn't see a single poster for it. (One of the singers did mention that the heavily advertised Warrior King show had likely drawn many people away.)

Around 2AM, with the Libra Love sound system still playing, it was announced the stage show would start in half an hour. The older crowd was clearly less than pleased at learning what a late evening it would be. The show didn't actually start until 3. Calabash (who seem to simply be whoever is backing Gregory on any given night) took the stage. An unadvertised pair of youths did a few minutes of deejaying. Then Marlon Stewart, Roman's son, came on for a few tunes. He sounded quite good. He was followed by his father who was also in fine form. Several audience members shouted for "father and son to sing together", but few complained when the MC moved on to the next act, as folks thought there were several more artists ahead.

Ed Robinson was up next, displaying great energy in what he said was his first NY show in several years. He closed, of course, with his killer version of "Knockin' on Heavens Door". Then Johnny Osbourne came up, and went through a nice set of his classics. His live shows seem to be quite reliable. The band did an excellent job of backing him as well as all the other artists. Unfortunately, the poor turnout combined with the late start kept the audience's energy level rather muted. Folks stayed near the back of the hall, so the singers seemed to be singing to a totally empty space in front of the stage.

At this point, it was 4:45AM. Lots of folks were quite agitated about how late the show was going, and were understandably impatient when the MC rambled on about upcoming events at the Tradewinds. The MC then tried acted like she was bringing Gregory on. (No mention of why Tony Tuff hadn't performed.) But, after she introduced him, she suddenly announced that "before Gregory can come on, we need to hear some riddims from the selector." The audience watched in shock as the band left the stage and the sound system started up again. You can guess the rest...folks stayed around for ten more minutes until the house lights went on and the stage crew began to break down the equipment. Of course, everyone doubted that Gregory had actually been in the building at all. But we were suddenly treated to the site of the promoter throwing out onto the street an incredibly disoriented Gregory Isaacs. The guy could barely walk out onto the sidewalk and seemed completely fucked up.

Not surprisingly, the promoter gave some almshouse story about how Isaacs had shown up high at 3AM, was unable to perform, fell asleep, and then left with the money. Me and a handful of other patrons chased down the promoter to get our money back. (Given how badly the show flopped, if he can get back his money from Isaacs without giving refunds to most of the crowd, he'll make a lot more than if Gregory had actually been able to go on stage and earn his pay. Kind of seems like a reggae version of 'The Producers'!)

Posted on newsgroup by Noah.

Gregory Isaacs

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Big Ship has sailed again and is sailing for the third time, October 13-20, 2002. This year the ship departs from San Juan, Puerto Rico for St. Thomas/Martinique/Barbados/Aruba. The entertainment package is one night of reggae on the open deck featuring Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths, Lymie backed by Dean Fraser and the 809 Band. The second performance is jazz and spoken word with the Dean Fraser Jazz Quartet and the female poets, In The Company of Poets. The third performance is a beach party/performance in the port of Barbados. Cabins are available and information can be obtained from or 800-523-2900, ext. 2784.

Posted : 31/01/2002



Veteran broadcaster and journalist, Clinton Lindsay, is retracting some not so very nice things he said about the up and coming singer, Fiona, who Mr. Lindsay thought had dissed him and his follow radio jocks in the New York area, when he did not see their names among others in the "thank you" section on the sleeve of her new album. The following is his retraction: "I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere apology to Fiona. Without reading the entire inlet of your new CD - "Wanna Make Love" - I jumped to conclusion, and made statements for which I am now sorry. It was never my intention to hurt you in any way, but I was expressing my feelings based on the paragraph that I had read. Thanks for the mention. As usual, you can depend on my full support, and I can assure you that "Wanna Make Love" will get maximum rotation on my program. Please accept my apology. It's coming from my heart. Love You!" ...Clinton Lindsay.

Posted : 30/01/2002


In The Weekly Star (1/24-1/30) someone named Jay Jay wrote a small story about Fiona dissing New York Disc jocks by not bigging them up on her new CD. He spoke with Clinton Lindsay who was speaking for all the disc jocks admitting they were upset because they were not mentioned. When Clinton Lindsay was asked if he would play here new CD, he responded..."Most Likely I won't....since she's only appreciative of the jocks mentioned."

THIS IS SO PETTY AND AN OUTRAGE!!!!!! How many disc jocks really watch these things and actually care? Do disc jocks in the Tri-State area base their success on whether or not they are bigged up on albums? Does this mean for all these years you only play the music of artists that big you up???

Further more I received a copy of Fiona's new CD "Wanna Make Love" yesterday and read the very long list of thank you's and big ups, BUT, before she even bigs up anyone in Miami, Fiona said this..."To Clinton Lindsay you've done so much 4 the business, it is highly appreciated by me and all the artiste in the field, U have open the doors for so many of us, thank U."

WHAT MORE DOES CLINTON LINDSAY WANT???? I personally hate when disc jocks who buy their air time take up the attitude that the artists owe them something for airplay. Here at WAVS 1170 AM Radio in Miami, we are brokerage radio, but we run our business like any other station. We would never threaten an artist and refuse to play their music if they dont support us or big us up.

I am requesting anyone who receives this that is on radio to please support Fiona, she is truly talented and the only artist I've ever met that does not have an ego. Anyone in the Tri-State area that listens to radio, please call and request any song by Fiona and buy the CD it's fabulous.

From : Cheryl "Bashy" Gessling, WAVS 1170 AM Radio.

Posted : 26/01/2002


1.) PRINCE ALLAH AND TAPPA ZUKIE. From Bertram Brown, director of AO Management JA , headquartered at Freedom Sounds Studio, we get word that Prince Allah has been mashing it up in Europe the past year. Playing to sold out audiences, internationally receiving great reviews. The two veteran reggae artists Tappa Zukie and Prince Allah are poised to come to the U.S. for the first time. New releases are due out from both artists as well as reissuing of their classic albums. Check Jetstar, and Blood & Fire records for more details. Promoters do your homework. They will be touring together. The smooth vocals of Prince Allah, and the original toasting style of Tappa Zukie will make for a memorable show. This tour is available in the U.S. in March, 2002, and Europe in April.

2.) SANDRA CROSS, the Queen of lovers Reggae is back. The Mad Professor and ARIWA records, is preparing to release a new CD of her work. She will be touring in support of the new CD slated to be released in March 2002. This will add to her list of previous ARIWA CDs. Sandra is with out a doubt, one of the top female vocalists. Her reggae-jazz albums, available in Japan on Pioneer Records shows her range and style to it's ultimate. This tour is available to start in April 2002.

3.) LEGENDS OF STUDIO ONE TOUR featuring Leonard Dillon and the Ethiopians, Winston Jarrett, and Norma Fraser with the Studio One Band. This tour is a tribute to the legendary recording studio, which has been a great influence on reggae to this day. Leonard Dillon got his start when Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer took him to meet Sir Coxson Dodd at Studio One. They backed him on his first recordings at Studio One, and began a relationship which has spanned the years and many recordings. Leonard has returned to Studio One at the behest of Sir Coxsone, to record his new CD, "Ethiopians Again". Both Winston Jarrett and Norma Fraser got their starts at Studio One, so it is only fitting that they should hit the road together, with the Studio One Band to bring the message and the music to a new generation of fans. The tour will begin March 2002 for Europe, and late April in the U.S.

4.) ERIC DONALDSON is known in Jamaica as "Mr. Festival", and has won Jamaica's most prestigious music award, more times than any other artist. His unique style, and dynamic performances have made Eric a true legend in reggae. His "Cherry O Baby", was one of the first reggae tunes to go international, and introduced many artists like the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, to reggae music. The 'Stones did a version of "Cherry O Baby", to honor their favorite reggae artist. This tour will begin in June.

Leonard "Ethiopian" Dillon

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