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The Christmas Song
7" Vinyl Single / Digital Release
December 2, 2016

Artist & tune

  • Dr. Ring Ding - Christmas Again / Viele Bunte Päckchen
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Last year, same time, Münsteraner ska, reggae and dancehall don Richard A. Jung a.k.a. Dr. Ring Ding made one of his musical wishes come true by releasing "Once A Year", a Christmas album with yuletide music from Germany, France, Austria, Poland, England and America in a Caribbean style, including several self-penned Christmas originals. And I expressed my hope there would be a Volume 2 somewhere in the near future of one of the most entertaining Christmas albums ever! Not yet, this year.

However just in time for the holiday season there is a 7" release on coloured vinyl (also available digital) with the great original, not penned by Dr. Ring Ding himself but by his drummer Robert Weidkamp, "Christmas Again". It is however all about the B-side here. The unavoidable but also irresistable Mel Tormé classic "The Christmas Song" is here presented in its German version "Viele Bunte Päckchen", made famous in the early seventies by Rex Gildo and later hit material again for Udo Jürgens. And now there's a wonderful moving German lyrics reggae version as well by Dr. Ring Ding. If you didn't obtain the smashing Christmas album "Once A Year" that all lovers of Jamaican music should buy, this is the moment to do so, looking for one of the deals where you get the "Viele Bunte Päckchen" 7" and a songsheet to sing along as bonus!