Artikal Musik
12" Vinyl Single / Digital Release
January 11, 2017

Artist & tune
  • Compa feat. Fox - Take Control / Compa - Crack Chimes
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Relative newcomer to the dubstep genre Compa has released over the last three years numerous tunes (also on dubstep's tradition label Deep Medi Musik) that would lead to classifying him as a purist.

For this release however Compa explores the fusion with grime and trap in full effect with a very satisfying result. The first track "Take Control" features Manchester MC Fox capturing the deep mystical vibe of the riddim encorporating a US Rap feel into it and also into Fox' deejaying style.

The instrumental "Crack Chimes" is an unbelievable bassmonster sending shivers down your spine through the icecold-synth-chime theme on top of it. Trap drums, heavy bass, the genius of putting the Crack Chimes on top of those, I am convinced that Compa will be at the forefront of future bass, traphall and all modern sounds twisting dancehall's legacy!