10 Ft. Ganja Plant
August 30, 2013

Track list
  1. In the Garden
  2. It's True
  3. Collect the Trophy
  4. Sounding Zone
  5. State of Man
  6. Skycatcher
  7. Where Do You Want To Be
  8. Hypocrites In Town
  9. Sometimes We Play
  10. Sing and Dance
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
"Who are 10 Ft. Ganja Plant? They are a dub & roots reggae band shrouded in mystery. They hail from the great Northeast and are rumoured to share members with another great reggae group, John Brown’s Body. Their shows are rarely announced or promoted. In fact, like a yeti sighting, they seldom occur. Anyone who has seen them live, or owns one of their albums, can attest to the fact that no other band has captured the 70's spirit quite like this crew, that 10 Ft. may be the best roots group in America." This description comes from the band's MySpace pages.

The new York based label Roir has a long tradition of releasing reggae & dub with over 30 years of working with both established acts and unknowns who have that unusual music quality that springboards them to wider recognition and steady sales. In 1984, Roir was the first label to domestically release the work of Adrian Sherwood of On-U Sound, followed up with the Suns of Arqa, Badawi, Alpha & Omega, Phase Selector Sound as well as historically releasing reggae stalwarts Mikey Dread, Lee Perry, Yellowman, Scientist, Roots Radics, Big Youth, Skatalites and more. Roir signed the band in 2001, releasing the album 'Hillside Airstrip', followed by several quality sets, the last two being '10 Deadly Shots Vol. 2', and '10 Deadly Shots Vol. 1'. Their current effort is called 'Skycatcher', a 10 track album filled with quality instrumentals and several outstanding vocal tracks.

The album opens in superb style with In The Garden, a fine dubby instrumental, a delicious appetizer! The quality stays above average with It's True, a lovers tune sung by key vocalist Ras Jay Champany and the same goes for Collect The Trophy with sweet falsetto vocals from Kevin Kinsella. Sounding Zone is a wicked horns driven instrumental tune, a heavenly slice of music! Vocalist Kevin Kinsella returns on State Of Man, one of the outstanding tunes here that reminds us of that superb vocal group The Mighty Diamonds. A nice and smooth 70's dub workout, flavoured with some blues elements makes the title track definitely worth spinning more than once. The lovers tune Where Do You Want To Be is sung by Nate Silas Richardson, his first lead vocal since 2005. The two last songs on the album draw attention because of their wonderful horn riffs, crisp and clear arrangements and beautiful melodies.

What can we say? Excellent job!