Reggae Christmas Hits
Dwight Pinkney
Abengg International Records
CD / Digital Release
November 29, 2016

Track list
  1. Christmas Breeze
  2. Give Love On Christmas Day
  3. Good Mood Christmas
  4. Oh Holy Night
  5. Christmas Coming
  6. Santa Ketch Up In A Mango Tree
  7. Christmas Wishes
  8. Meaning Of Christmas
  9. Chestnuts Roasting
  10. Christmas JA
  11. Christmas Time Again
  12. Ghetto Christmas
  13. Little Drummer Boy
  14. Llama
  15. Silver Bells
  16. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Guitarist Dwight Pinkney first professional band, The Sharks, recorded some Jamaican number one hits at Coxsone Dodd's studio. His guitar playing can be heard on Studio One tracks such as The Gaylads "Lady With The Red Dress On", Ken Boothe's "You're No Good" and Bob Marley's "Put It On". In the seventies he and Mike Williams formed the highly acclaimed group Zap Pow. This group enjoyed considerable success and just before vocalist Beresford Hammond joined the group, they had their first big international hit with "This Is Reggae Music". In 1979 the lead guitarist of the Channel One house band The Roots Radics emigrated and Dwight filled in his spot. The following years the band recorded with all the big names in the scene : Yellowman, Gregory Isaacs, Eek A Mouse, Don Carlos, Bunny Wailer, Wailing Souls, Freddie McGregor and Hugh Mundell, to name but a few. When the band split up Dwight started recording for his own label.

After the instrumental album "Jamaican Memories By The Score" he entered the year 2000 with the release of an album called "All Occasion", which has predominantly Christmas music: "My idea was to get more Jamaican vibes into the Christmas celebrations. Over the years we hear the traditional songs and they are done in foreign styles. I thought we could use the same songs and add a Jamaican touch to them. In addition, we sought to add some of the best local Christmas compositions over time."

His current album is a sort of re-issue of the "All Occasion" set. It's released as an "exclusively Christmas" set. Among the local songs he has adapted are "Llama, Ghetto Christmas, Christmas JA" and "Santa Ketch Up Inna Mango Tree". Further tunes include traditional Christmas songs, some of them performed inna instrumental style. The opening track is a swinging various artists song "Christmas Breeze" he did with vocal assistance of Boris Gardiner, Pam Hall, Ken Boothe and Bob Andy to name but a few. The backing is provide by well known names such as bass player Keith Francis, keyboardists Ansel Collins and Robbie Lyn, saxophonist Dean Fraser, trumpeter David Madden and drummer Carl Ayton, Pam Hall and JC Lodge as backing vocalists. The album is co-produced by Pinkney, Francis and Grub Cooper, drummer/vocalist with the Fab Five Band.

If you're looking for 'good time Xmas music', this one's for you.