Ovastand Records
CD / Digital Release
March 4, 2017

Track list
  1. Runaway
  2. Badminds
  3. Come Aboard (Feat. Dean Fraser)
  4. Control Your Tempa (Feat. Naaman)
  5. No Want
  6. Deh Ya
  7. Not Like Them (Feat. DJ Nix'on)
  8. On The Way
  9. Reload
  10. Lift Us High (Feat. Meta Dia)
  11. One Day
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Jahneration is a Reggae / Dancehall / Hip Hop duo (Theo & Ogach) of singers from Paris, founded in 2009. Diversity, Unity and Sharing of Music are their main slogan, which they apply to their lyrics and ways of working. In 2011 they posted on YouTube "Me Nah Fed Up" with Na‚man and the "The Answer". The videos initiated a fast craze on YT and give the opportunity to the duo to develop. Through the popular social networks they created a vast dedicated following. At the beginning of 2013 the duo released the self produced debut EP, "The Foreword. The album received a very positive reception from an already enlarged audience. In 2015 Jahneration reached a milestone in its development by integrating the Ovastand label. A new team of 4 musicians is formed and they started touring intensively. The clips "No Want" and "Reload" (shot in India) come out and accumulate 1 million views quickly. The DUB INC group, offering them to play their first part at the Zenith in Paris on November 26th, is a valuable support. At the end of 2016 they finally released their self-titled debut set.

The 11 track album clearly shows that they can handle several music styles with ease. From reggae, via dub-step and dancehall to hip hop vibes, all of this can be enjoyed on this album. Listening to the album these qualifications comes to mind: danceable, licked, catchy melodies and rich arrangements. The swinging reggae melodies (always with a pleasant touch of dancehall vibes) of "Badminds", "Come Aboard", "Control Your Tempa", "No Want" and "Reload" will please most reggae fans. Furthermore there's the well-done dubstep/hiphop excursion on "Deh Yah" and the hiphop flavoured tunes "Not Like Them" and "One Day", not our cup of tea, but musically top quality. In our humble opinion the album winner has to be the cultural tune "Lift Us High" performed with Meta Dia. Wicked tune!

Very satisfying debut set.