No War On Earth
Jashwha Moses
Sugar Shack Records
CD / Digital release
April 9, 2013

No War On Earth - Jashwha Moses Track list
  1. No Weep
  2. Dub
  3. No War
  4. Dub
  5. Good Over Evil
  6. Dub
  7. Do You Believe In Love
  8. Dub
  9. Power Crazy People
  10. Steel
  11. Jah Time Has Come
  12. Dub
  13. Signs Of The Times
  14. Dub
  15. Steel Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Thirty years is a long time. That's how long Roots singer Jashwha Moses endured from his first single to his first full album. Last year's "Joshua To Jashwha - 30 Years In The Wilderness" (Bristol Archive Records) drew critical acclaim in a massive way. The uber-talented Rastaman wasted no time and has just released an incredible new set "No War On Earth" on Sugar Shack Records. Label head Mike Darby has the knack for unearthing Bristol's rich Roots heritage and is now foraying into new releases with fantastic results. This set from Bristol, England is as solid as it gets.

Jashwha and longtime producer Mikey Taylor-Hall continue their unity with new sounds that can only be described as "Jahreggae". They handpicked a tight team of musical talent to rally in the studio and stage with optimum results. No War busts out of the gate triumphantly! Jashwha's vocalisms are sweeping and Dread without overdoing himself. He gently pleads over a concrete riddim with vivid horns and clearview harmonies. The dub is like perfectly shattered glass that doesn't fragment too much. Dissection, amplification and no dilution here. No War is a thoughtful meditation with a delivery on par with Mr. Robert Nesta Marley; it's that good! Jashwha's approach is extra classic and he works with riddims that are top grade and real. The dub treatment is nothing short of amazing. The backbone is left intact and the heartbeat surges in fine fashion. Good Over Evil is a great reworking of Bob Marley's "War". Many have tried to cover this anthem but Jashwha nails it hard; while not stepping on the Tuff Gong's legacy. The dub is classic 70's style with an emphasis on the fat rimshot, guitar and bass line. Do You Believe In Love is an instant classic. Riding the Wailer's "Concrete Jungle" riddim, Jashwha reminds us about the serious nature of true love. Stepping into dubwise country, you won't get lost. It showcases great keyboards and level vibes of old and new inna dancehall style. One of the most innovative vocal/dubs I've heard in a while.

Power Crazy People is a different method altogether. Jashwha's voice is put thru the vocoder and it works! Over slight "Exodus" horn riffs, the lyrics are tuff and real. Steel is a song that he did some years back and it's ites to hear an updated visit. It's crisp and clean and a reminder of why Jashwha was turning heads so many years ago. Jah Time Has Come was the highlight on Jashwha's first album, so a revisit is fitting. Riding Aswad's "Promised Land" riddim, this humble Rastaman firms up his delivery and the musicians follow suit. This track is well tight!!! The undeniable dub is pure excitement. The fattened bass, guitar and horns are mixed as rootically as possible. Signs Of The Times is a definite anthem that has major appeal. Jashwha approaches this one as he did in earlier times. It boasts an overall "Golden Age" atmosphere that is royal. Steel Dub is given a serious Vibronics remix treatment that will leave you bawling for more!

Jashwha Moses is a man who has triumphed over tribulations and hard times. There is a reward for The Chosen Few. "No War On Earth" is a testament from this true and devout Rastaman. He's managed to bridge the gap between classic Roots and modern stylings with no flaw whatsoever. Every track is a sound scape that makes the listener wanting it not to end. The Man From Bristol has nailed an unmovable foundation. There's a lot of good new releases out there, but this is the most ingenious of the year thus far. Highest recommendation!!! Go deh to the record shop and prepare to jaw drop.