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Xterminator/Jet Star

Tracking list

  1. Lovely Morning
  2. Til It Some More
  3. Rain Showers
  4. Ancient Memories
  5. Mother Nature
  6. Saturated
  7. Real
  8. Long Journey Bad Storm
  9. Freedom Cry
  10. Define Yourself
  11. Dem A Try A Ting
  12. Confuse City
  13. Made Of...
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

It's only three years ago - in 1995 - that now 21 year old Sizzla delivered the first proof of his unique skill and talents to a wider audience when he released his "unpolished" and somewhat underrated debut album "Burning Up" (this year re-issued by RAS Records !!). Since then his career has been catapulted with the two high-quality albums "Praise Ye Jah" and "Black Woman & Child" out at the same time - both selling like hot bread - as one of his undisputed highlights so far. Between the release of the aforementioned albums and this brand new "Kalonji" CD Sizzla has been a prolific artist and although other artists mostly have confirmed that "quantity decreases quality" Sizzla hardly ever failed in making solid tunes as there was no discernible let up in the potency of his lyrics or his delivery.
"Kalonji" is Sizzla's third album with producer Phillip "Fatis" Burrell and the Xterminator Crew and probably also his last official Xterminator album release (according to the information we got from a very reliable source that Sizzla has ended his association with "Fatis" some two months ago).
Sizzla delivers a solid album that not only features some of his recent, sought after singles like the marvelous Til It Some More, the wicked Saturated, Dem A Try A Ting - another version across Luciano's "Ulterior Motive"/John Holt's "Stealing, Stealing" riddim - the superb Freedom Cry, Define Yourself and Real, but also brand new crisp bisquits like Made of... - utilizing a recut of the Sensations' "Every Day Is Just A Holiday" - the excellent Lovely Morning, the uptempo Rasta chant "Ancient Memories" and the fine Confuse City. The distinctive contemporary roots and culture production of the Xterminator Crew combined with Sizzla's strong uplifting lyrics and exceptional vocal style makes that we can add another great album to this youth's impressive list of high-quality releases.

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