On Air Live
Menny More
Total Satisfaction
CD / Digital Release
March 3, 2017

Track list
  1. Laugh Last
  2. Count On Me
  3. Big Man In Town
  4. Dread Pass Thru
  5. Bad Man
  6. Stay From Them
  7. Men Of Right
  8. Will You Be There
  9. Tonight
  10. Soar
  11. Shouldn't Do Me That
  12. Never See Me Crying
  13. Stay From Them feat. Capital D
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Although the name Menny More (born Junior Morrison, in Kingston Jamaica on November 26, 1976) might not instantly ring a bell, he surely isn't a newcomer. Junior Morrison took on the name DJ Ryder around 1990, which is when his recording career started in New York. He rolled with the crew from Super Power to record in some of the biggest reggae studios of the time: Don One, HC&F, Sir Tommy, Ruddy, 3R, Living Room, and Toy Factory. After recording a number of singles and going back and forth between New York and Jamaica, He started spending time at Jammy's Studio. In 1994, DJ Ryder recorded "Thunderball" on the "Stalag" riddim with Jammy's and it was then that his new moniker Menny More was given to him by Baby Wayne, one of his favorite deejays.

It actually was the legendary Dennis Brown who first suggested that Menny More should sing instead of deejaying. Menny More continued to hone his skill and linked up with the Easy Star All Stars back in the early days of the band. With them he has been touring all over the world. After spending 7 years with the Easy Star All Stars, Menny More embarked on a solo career and released his debut album "Journey" on Upsetta Records in 2011, which in the summer of 2012 was followed by his sophomore solo album, "Menny's Book Of Riddims" and the EP "A Bit Of My Soul" in 2014.

And now there's the release of Menny More's third full length studio album on Leon Smillie's New York based Total Satisfaction imprint, which we fondly remember as the record label that in 2003 put out the "Heartaches & Pain" album. That still great sounding juggling project was followed by some real nice music including Frankie Paul's "Visions" and the samplers "Educaton Is The Key", "Laugh Last Riddim", "Wings Of Love Riddim", "Again Riddim", "Shame & Disgrace Riddim" and "Call Me Riddim".

Menny More's "On Air Live" is an captivating project from beginning to end. About the album, which contains about 47 minutes of solid to strong music, we can confidently say that if you enjoy listening to well produced Reggae music there's definitely something here that you're going to enjoy. Things get started with the uptempo "Last Laugh", a head bobbing song that most likely needs several spins to get your full appreciation. This surely isn't the case with the infectious lovers tune "Count On Me", which is underpinned by a relick of Marcia Griffith's "Melody Life" riddim. The entertaining "Big Man In Town on the "Wings Of Love Riddim" brings back dancehall vibes of the the first half of the 1990s It's actually the only 'computerized' riddim featured on this album. Without any doubt "Dread Pass Thru" across the "Call Me Riddim", the matching "Bad Man" on the "Shame & Disgrace Riddim" and the overpowering message tune "Stay From Them" belong to the album's strongest material. When your in a lovers mood we're sure that you will fully enjoy "Will You Be There" and "Tonight". Next comes the uptempo "Soar", a dancefloor filler par excellence. And also the groovin' "Shouldn't Do Me That", which musically goes beyond the lines of Reggae music, makes your dancing feet move. Then there's the conscious "Never See Me Crying", a clever song that can be ranked among the highlights of this collection. At the end of "On Air Live", "Stay From Them" reappears as a combination tune for which Menny More collaborated with Capital D.

Musicians who took part in the making of Menny More's "On Air Live" include Kirk Bennett, George Miller and Sly Dunbar on drums, Danny "Axeman" Thompson, Flabba Holt and Robbie Shakespeare on bass, Paul "Wrongmove" Crossdale and Earl "Chinna" Smith on guitar, Robbie Lyn on keyboards, Jerry Johnson on sax and Bongo Herman on percussions.