Deep Rockers, Back A Yard
Soulbeats records
June 4, 2013

Track list
  1. Freedom
  2. House Of Love
  3. Badman Beware
  4. Skanking Shoes
  5. Rockers
  6. Rebel For Life feat. Cutty Ranks
  7. Madness
  8. Smoke Tricks (Jamaican Flavor)
  9. Frontline
  10. One Day
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Thanks to the resounding success of his 2012 released "Deep Rockers" mixtape and the "Skanking Shoes" song, young singjay (Martin) Na‚man - the freshest branch of the French reggae tree - has attracted a lot of attention in his home country. After being elected 'Revelation of 2013' by the Reggae Victories, Na‚man's debut album "Deep Rockers, Back A Yard" is certain to fortify the status he has already achieved in France. However, time will tell if he will be able to become a household name on the international reggae scene.

In the winter of 2012, Na‚man and Fatbabs - his long standing associate dj and beatmaker - went to Jamaica to work on the tracks for this "Deep Rockers, Back A Yard" album. In Kingston they recorded at Harry J studio under the watchful guidance of experienced sound engineers Sam Clayton and Stephen Stewart, while great musicians such as Sly Dunbar on drums, Daniel "Axeman" Thompson on bass and Dalton Browne on guitar were involved in playing the riddims. Nine of the ten tracks featured on this set were recorded in Jamaica, while the bonus track, "One Day", was recorded in Normandy, France.

Those who are familiar with Na‚man's "Deep Rockers" mixtape, will instantly recognise the five do-overs of songs that appeared on the mixtape. First there's a new and truly great version of the up tempo "Freedom", coming with a tasty chorus and a real joy to listen to. Then you'll get the infectious "Skanking Shoes", which makes a solid impression throughout. "Rockers" - incorporating an appealing trumpet sound - carries a completely different vibe, but is a decent effort too. "Madness", which comes on a relicked version of Larry Marshall's classic "Throw Me Corn" riddim, belongs to the highlights of this album. Last but not least there's a new version of "Frontline", a hip-hop flavoured tune worth hearing.

One of the brand new pieces is "Rebel For Life", the collaboration with deejay Cutty Ranks. Without any doubt this is the lead track of this album. Great tune! The darker sounding "Badman Beware" has a great bass line and is a song that has to grow on you. The smooth, lighthearted "House Of Love" is a nice song for a warm sunny day, but that's about it. Finally there's a remixed version of "Smoke Tricks", which was released as a single earlier this year. The album is rounded off with "One Day", a charming acoustic song.

With the help of some well-respected Jamaican veterans, French rookie Na‚man has managed to create a much promising debut album, worth checking out!!