Reggae Inna Now Gen Style
The Small Axe People
Small Axe People
December 29, 2016

Track list
  1. Man In Green
  2. Step Up
  3. Milk No Trust
  4. Junk Mash
  5. Flat Cap Rule
  6. Telephone Pole
  7. Old Goat
  8. Orange Juice
  9. Flat Roof Style
  10. Green Hills
  11. Hungry Dog
  12. Old Tin Can
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Lead Instruments : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
During the past fifteen years Area X, a small home recording studio located in East London, has proven to be fertile ground for The Small Axe People. This brainchild and music project from the versatile Ray Hurford, who truly deserves the biggest respect for continuously working on his reggae related projects despite the minimal resources he has, is #19 in his ongoing series of album releases.

Being a huge fan of the concept of the "Version", which in 1969 came to the fore with the single "Pop A Top" by Andy Capp aka Lynford Anderson, it wasn't a real surprise that The Small Axe People's very first cd entitled "Original Version", was strongly inspirered by and based on that concept. Ten "Version" albums (including a dubbed up version of the "Generation Version" set) followed in the next seven years. After that Ray Hurford started The Small Axe People's "Skank" project, which in the end led to the release of four albums; "Skank It Up" (2009), "Skank To Skank" (2010), "Skankers Corner" (2011) and "Skankers Delight" (2014). In between he also recorded and released "Sounds Of The East" ((2012), inspired by Augustus Pablo the melodica played an important role on this one, and "Sounds Of The North" (2013), which drew its inspiration from Rhythm & Sound outta Germany. In 2015 the "Mash Up" album hit the streets, for which the inspiration and basis came from the "Chim Cherie" riddim.

And now there's its follow up, "Reggae Inna Next Gen Style", an album that simply had to be created one day as Ray Hurford has always been a great admirer of the Now Generation Band, one of the great unsung Jamaican bands formed in the early 1970s by Geoffrey Chung on keyboards, Mikey Chung on lead guitar, Val Douglas on bass, Mikey 'Boo' Richards on drums, Robbie Lynn on keyboards and Earl 'Wire' Lindo on organ.

"Reggae Inna Next Gen Style" contains 12 moody instrumentals. No guitar sounds around, but there are appealing bass lines and engaging organ riffs to fulljoy. In particular great to hear are "Step Up" and "Milk No Trust", both incorporating real nice percussion work on top of a hypnotizing riddim with furthermore the latter having some haunting sound effects. Also the funky groovin' "Flat Cap Rule" makes a real good impression and so does "Telephone Pole". Other tracks worth hearing are "Hungry Dog" and the album closer "Old Tin Can". Although some of the tracks are still sounding minimal and somewhat repetitive, "Reggae Inna Now Gen Style" will probably sound less 'weird' to the ears of the average listener. Thus it's one of The Small Axe People's most accessible albums.

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