Reset The Mindset
Scratchylus & Friends
Hi-Times/Inna De Yard
June 30, 2013

Reset the Mindset Compilation - Scratchylus Track list
  1. Reset The Mindset feat. Kiddus I
  2. Our Story [Bobby Digital Mix] feat. Empress Reggae & Sizzla Kalonji
  3. Dem Can't Visit The Frontline [Bobby Digital Mix] feat. Junior Reid
  4. Slave Master [Bobby Digital Mix] feat. Ras Marlon & Inna De Yard
  5. Choose Your Lover Right feat. Alton Ellis
  6. Who Built The Pyramids [Bobby Digital Mix] feat. Empress Reggae
  7. A True feat. Bushman
  8. Mama Africa And Her Child
  9. I Hear The Children Cry
  10. Biggest Suspect
  11. She's Mine
  12. Woman Wants The Loving With A Little Reggae
  13. Our Story [Bobby Digital Binghy Mix] feat. Empress Reggae & Sizzla Kalonji
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
What happens when you link a fresh and unique singjay with such legends as The Royal Inna De Yard Crew, Bobby Digital and Jr. Reid? You get a compilation that's absolutely flawless and urgent called "Reset The Mindset". Ancient order meets modern restructure in fine style...

Scratchylus (Sene Jameh) was born in England to Jamaican parents and was enthralled by the classic sounds of Bob Marley and Dennis Brown as a youth. Firm in his vision, he cut teeth on such UK Sound Systems as Java, Nuclear, Powa and Diamonds before pursuing a recording career a decade ago. In recent years, he has caught international attention with his unique singjay style that's a culmination of Eek A Mouse/Pinchers/Papa San and a likkle Dennis Brown; but it's totally original all the while. He has performed with Luciano, Bushman and many more. His performance at the 2013 Dennis Brown tribute concert showed he's fe real. Most recently, he did an album launch with legend Kiddus I (promoting "Topsy Turvy World") at Redbones Blues Café in St. Andrews JA, backed by drummer "Style" Scott and guitarist Dalton Browne and dazzled the massive. It's Scratchylus time!

This sizzling compilation opens with Reset The Mindset. Thankfully, The Royal Inna De Yard crew is alive and well (Chinna Smith/Sticky/Alphonso Craig/Kush McAnuff/Augustus Pablo's son Addis/vocalist Jhamelia Smith and master engineer Clive "Dub King' Jeffries). The result is a totally organic riddim that has the singjay demonstrating an "Eek" style that is complemented by Kiddus I's humbleness and Jhamelia's ethereal harmonies. A beautiful song to reeducate the youth's mindset to a more positive direction. Wicked! Our Story was a monster hit in JA and Europe. Bobby Digital has reemerged to mix and produce this bubblin' anthem. The combination of Scratchylus, his 8 year old daughter Empress Reggae and a contained Sizzla results in pure education and consciousness with a well balanced riddim. Big up!

Jr. Reid (about to release his "Legend" album) shows up hard on Dem Can't Visit The Frontline. A hard hitting reality tune with Bobby Digital expertly at the controls. There's a wise call to bring the percussion to the forefront and it doesn't get in the way of the unique delivery and lyrics wise. Slave Master with Ras Marlon is the shining star in this musical universe! The Gregory Isaacs classic is revisited inna pure Inna De Yard fashion. Scratchylus adds some skillful singjay spitfire. This track is reminiscent of the acclaimed "Inna De Yard" series of a few years ago. Addis Pablo, Nambo Robinson and guest drummer "Style" Scott add some ites dimension to this incredible track. The late Alton Ellis O.D. is perfect in a remake of Choose Your Lover Right. Over a Digital riddim, Scratchylus takes on a Papa San style that adds a nice edge to Alton's timeless voice. Who Built The Pyramids became a big hit with countless hits on YouTube. This singjay shows a Sizzla approach that is soothed by his daughter's wise and beautiful delivery. Bobby Digital makes the most of this Rootical riddim fueled by Ras Michael, Chinna and Addis' great melodica work. This song really makes you think!! It's great to see producers/engineers Bobby Digital and Gussie Clarke making a comeback.

Mama Africa & Her Child is a masterpiece! Inna De Yard crew offers up an organic Dancehall riddim peppered with keyboard and percussion licks. Scratchylus shows his versatility in this beautiful ode to The Motherland. I Can Hear The Children Cry is inna world-cry fashion and doesn't hold back. He's Inna De Yard and he's rhyming with pure intellect! Biggest Suspect shows the fruits of this artist's years of hard work. Truly superior songwriting and a biting delivery shows he's serious about his passion. The lyrics are in charge over an old time Dancehall riddim. You can hear nuances of Papa San here. She's Mine is revisited here very nicely. Bobby Digital balances the 1980's throwback riddim just right and evokes the glory of Pinchers' "Mass Out" fe real. This journey closes with a Binghy mix of Our Story. It really sheds Jah light on an already rock solid of firmament.

"Reset The Mindset" is nothing short of amazing. It's right to say that Scratchylus has garnered the raspect of some of the most important figures in the evolution of Reggae Musik and those who are rightfully carrying Jah fya. There's no negativity in this collection; just an air of dignity and upliftment. There remains a Rootical constant all the way strong that allows all involved to roam freely and positively. For those not familiar with the ultra talented Scratchylus and for those who want to listen to a piece of lyrical and musical treasure, "Reset The Mindset" is for you. Highest Recommendation!!!!!!! Go deh!!