Haul & Pull Up Vol. 1 EP
Disko B / Jahmoni / Rave And Romance Records / Indigo
Digital Release
January 11, 2017

Track list
  1. Copper And Lead feat. Riko Dan
  2. Blurred Vision
  3. Killer feat. Warrior Queen
  4. Siren Riddim
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Schlachthofbronx, the duo from Munich, Germany, became a household name in the Global Bass scene in 2009 upon the release of their self-titled debutalbum. They played big festivals all over the world and did some very high-profile remixes since and are still at the forefront of the current tropical bass, tropical house, traphall, future bass whatever you'd like to call it scene. And just before last year ended, they released this extremely impressive "Haul & Pull Up , Vol. 1" EP.

Kicked off at full speed with "Copper And Lead", a heavy dubstep-grime riddim driven by a big bassline, over which Riko Dan, of Roll Deep fame - the most influential UK-grime crew - fully lives up to his nickname the London City Warlord. The second tune, a relatively orthodox steppers dub leaning towards 4 to the floor, bears the same name as their current "live"-events "Blurred Vision" and has like other new tracks been composed specifically for this project, where Schlachthofbronx play out on their own soundsystem (oldschool-style) with boxes so heavy the basslines should actually be able to cause said blurred vision.

Warrior Queen shows she is wicked MC on "Killer" but also she can't even get near singing on-key when showing she's ready for a dubplate war twisting Freddie McGregor's hookline into I Was Born A Killer over an 808-heavy Miami Bass like beat before this monster-EP is closed with the instrumental "Siren Riddim", an uptempo scorcher with rave-synthlayers over hectic drum patterns. For those curious about the future of dancehall in the future bass and traphall era this EP is a must have!