June 21, 2005

Track list
  1. Rondo Acapricio
  2. Heidi Bruehl
  3. Superrob
  4. John Lee Huber
  5. Pyjama
  6. The Big Sleep
  7. Damentag
  8. Naschkatze
  9. Züri
  10. Sala
  11. Forte
  12. No More Olives
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Following the coverage of the German/UK 'nu-dub'/lounge/downtempo (and not to be forgotten as we've seen in the review of Rodney Hunter's "Hunter Files" and will once again see in this review: the Austrian Vienna)-scene, with the excellent article Dub Revolution by Gregory Stephens, and several reviews featured on these pages of music coming from the closely to the Austrian scene linked Berlin camp around Basic Channel and especially Basic Channel's 'partner in crime' Paul St. Hilaire, this album "J.A.C." by Tosca features one half of Austria's G-Stone masters Kruder & Dorfmeister, Richard Dorfmeister alongside Rupert Huber, following up their almost 2 1/2 years ago dropped "Dehli 9" with more of their typical loungy dubby jazzy sound. As with previous Tosca albums always having been related to biographic events in the lifes of Huber & Dorfmeister, "J.A.C." stands for Joseph, Arthur & Conrad, the names of the 2 sons of Rupert Huber & the son of Richard Dorfmeister. Opening this nicely packaged (in embossed faux-leather) G-Stone/!K7"-release is "Rondo Acapricio" with its bouncy liquid bass line and Singapore's Lin Hsin Hsin's voice-over is a superb smooth track, followed by the very jazzy "Heidi Bruehl", about the late German child musicalstar who hit the charts at age 18 - 6 years after her white screen debut - with "Wir wollen niemals aus einander gehen", featuring the Tunisian-French singer Samia Farah with her Billy Holiday-esque voice, whose "Cool" single in 1999 as well as her 2004 On-U Sound "Homesick Blues EP" were (co)produced by Adrian Sherwood. "Superrob" is an electro-funk track featuring Earl Zinger's voice paired with Valerie Etienne. "John Lee Huber" is sung by Seattle's Chris Eckman, frontman of the Walkabouts, with backing vocals by Diana Lueger who also appeared on the aforementioned Rodney Hunter album "Hunter Files", over a melancholic, almost bluesy soundscape, followed by the smooth jazzy loungy "Pyjama" and the Stefan Graf and Hadik Wildner, who appeared on the previous Tosca album "Dehli 9", sung "The Big Sleep" and former Rockers Hi-Fi MC Farda P, who also guested on "Hunter Files" and "Dehli 9" whispers his lyrics on the very nice "Damentag". Stefan Graf, Hadik Wildner and Anna Clementi scat over the very downtempo soundscape backing "Naschkatze" followed by 4 instrumental pieces, the beautiful latinjazz-percussion, flute and angelic female backing voices based "Züri", the 8 minutes long almost traditional nu-dub-workout "Sala", the slow melancolic minimalistic "Forte" and the percussion and synth layers driven "No More Olives". A very nice album for the non-purists who dare to venture in the experimental non- and not-only reggae based dub soundscapes of downtempo, lounge, nu-jazz and nu-dub.