Tru Colors
Wayne Marshall
Ghetto Youths International
CD / LP / Digital Release
February 4, 2014

Track list
  1. Intro (It's On Now)
  2. Tru Colors
  3. Go Hard feat. Assassin, I-Octane, Aidonia, Bounty Killer, Damian Marley & Vbyz Kartel
  4. I Know
  5. On The Corner
  6. Stupid Money feat. Assassin
  7. Longtime
  8. Strike Dem feat. Capleton
  9. Be On The Alert feat. Bounty Killer
  10. Nah Give Up W/Tarrus Riley
  11. Go Harder feat. Baby Cham, Ace Hood & Waka Flocka
  12. Success Story
  13. In The End
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
It's been a decade since Wayne Marshall's debut, "Marshall Law", hit the airwaves and put him on the map. This diversely talented Dancehall artist has always incorporated different genres into his style with good to great results. His long anticipated new album, "Tru Colors", shines through and through and is his best and most adventurous work yet...

Born Wayne Mitchell in Kingston, Jamaica in 1980; he started as a youthman DJ with stylings similar to Tenor Saw and other greats. After a few great singles (Jammy's); he took a different direction and brought in alternate flavours to his broadening appeal. This was massively evident on "Marshall Law" (VP 2003) that garnered critical success. He followed up with "Forbidden Fruit" (2004) and "Tru Story" (Federation, 2008). Along the way, he kept the audience satisfied with a slew of singles for VP and some essential sounds for the legendary Sir Collins (UK). Damian "Jr.Gong" and Ghetto Youths Intl. saw the potential of this artist and this project is now seeing the light of day after much preparation. Damian produced the bulk of the tracks with Trevor "Baby G" James contributing also. Studios like King Jammy's, Lion's Den, Tuff Gong and Uncle D's were utilized. Musicians include Andre Dennis, Sean Diedrick, Trevor James, Jr. Gong and Alan "Bagga" Mitchell and provide a broad range of riddim.

This surprising refreshing set opens with Intro (It's On Now). Wayne opens up about his experiences, his decisions to add flavour to his work and what to expect on the album - makes you feel right there. It cuts to an anthem of telling the world that the Marshall is back in town. The title track is a wickedly powerful piece. Over a Dancehall tight riddim and lyrics like, "real friends serve you long, fake friends serve you wrong"; it delivers on all levels and the maturity of Wayne's voice is undeniable and he flows well crucial!! Go Hard is a track that at first glance might appear to be too busy. Well, that's not the case and it's amazing how well it works. Alongside six veterans, Wayne is able to navigate nicely and everyone and everything is mixed to perfection. It's a feasible and hard hitting Dancehall track that is a complete workout. Wayne truly shines on I Know. Featuring a more Roots riddim, he sings with pride and experience about people that have tried or try to undermine his knowledge and ability. No boasting; just a great song with witty hooks and great songwriting. On The Corner is THE standout selection here. Loosely based on the R.E.M song; it's transformed into Wayne's best song of his career. Riding a solid Reggae riddim, he conveys his desire to succeed and is observant of those who choose to hang back. Instant rewinda! The genius continues with Stupid Money. Aided by the powerful delivery of Assassin and a youthful chorus, we are infectiously reminded of the evils of wanting too much. Boomshot production!!

Longtime really shows the diversity of this set. This is a track for the clubs and Wayne just mashes it up masterfully. The riddim is busy, but he cleverly depicts a woman's love for music. Truly engaging tune. Strike Dem with Capleton is iron sharpening iron and an instant classic! On the spiritual side, both artists give it all up and are messengers of good over evil on the mountaintop down to the valleys. This is a powerful statement both musically and mindfully! The consciousness continues with Be On The Alert with Bounty Killer (so nice to see the veteran back and harder than ever!). After a solid reasoning between the two, the duo blend hard and step to the mic seriously about child molestation and protecting the youth. Serious riddim, serious message, serious delivery! Tarrus Riley adds great dimension to Nah Give Up and Wayne is apt to any riddim, any delivery at any time. Great riddim in the mix. Success Story is Wayne at his best. This anthem serves as a platform for him to deliver an inspirational anthem of personal drive for success that started when he was a youth and still blazes today. The catchy lyrics and riddim help to make this an inspiration to all! Great Dancehall track! The set closes with In The End. A hypnotic Love song that cleverly bends the Dancehall genre and shows Wayne has an uncanny songwriting ability and can ride even the most obscure riddims.

"Tru Colors" is a success in all aspects. Wayne truly shines and the entire music world should take notice. His ability to diversify and amplify is no easy feat and he pulls it off royally. The production work is an absolute victory and the guests add tenacity and true grit. Dancehall is a broad genre with countless contributions and evolvements. "Tru Colors" cleverly blends and bends it to the pleasure of mind, body and soul. Highly recommendable to ALL music lovers. GO DEH!!