Evolution Of Dub Volume 8 - The Search For New Life
4 CD Box Set
February 10, 2014

Track list
Disc 1: Princy Jammy - Computerised Dub
  1. Synchro Start
  2. Interface
  3. 32 Bit Chip
  4. Auto Rhythm
  5. Peek & Poke
  6. Megabyte
  7. Wafer Scale Intergration
  8. Cross Talk
  9. Modem
  10. 256k Ram
Disc 2: Two Friends Crew - Voyage Into Dub
  1. Roughneck Dub
  2. Morning Blues Dub
  3. Fooling Around Dub
  4. Dub Licensed To Kill
  5. This Dub Will Self Destruct In 3 53
  6. Dub You So Hot
  7. Gun Ting Version
  8. Your Dub Should You Choose To Accept It
  9. Bubbling Sweet Tonight Version
  10. Another One For The Road Version
  11. Rough Dub
  12. Mouth Almighty Dub
  13. I'm Your Lover Man Version
  14. Guilty Dub
  15. No More Walls Version
Disc 3: Shane Brown - Juke Boxx Dub
  1. Freedom Dub
  2. Judge Dub
  3. Politician Dub
  4. Run Dem Dub
  5. Straight Dub
  6. The Oscillator
  7. The Statement
  8. Stylish Dub
  9. Can't Sleep Dub
  10. Forbidden Dub
  11. Go Away Dub
  12. Chaos
Disc 4: Alborosie - Dub Clash
  1. Tribute To The King
  2. Marcus Dub
  3. Dubbing Kingston
  4. Cocaine And Dub
  5. Minstrel Of Dub
  6. Augustus Legacy
  7. Selassie I Son
  8. Can't Stand Dub
  9. Dub In Baltimore
  10. Send Dem Dub
  11. Loudness Is My Drug
  12. Global Dub
  13. Real Dub Story
  14. Space Echo Malfunction
  15. Dubbing In Love
  16. Double Bubble
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Volume 8 is the latest and final installment in the fantastic dub series called "Evolution Of Dub". The series spotlights key moments in the history of dub, and volume 8 - subtitled "The Search For New Life" - presents two previously released dub sets. First there's the classic 1986 computerized digital set from Prince Jammy, who would become King Jammy soon after this release. "Computerised Dub" is more or less the stripped down electronic dub set to Wayne Smith's "Sleng Teng" album from 1985. At that time reggae music was undergoing phenomenal changes that led to the computerised musical style that would rule the charts for years to come.

The second album that was released earlier is "Dub Clash" by Italian reggae star Alborosie. He's a gifted multi-instrumentalist, being proficient in guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. In 2010 he unleashed this dub set - dedicated to King Tubby - in limited quantities. He played the bulk of the instruments on that album accompanied by his own Shengen Clan Band. The album was made in Jamaica with original vintage studio equipment he inherited and restored from Coxsone's Studio One studio and Tubby's studio and the result is a set that comes pretty close to the dub sound of the 70s.

The other two albums appear on cd for the first time. The Two Friend label emerged from Gussie Clarke's Music Works in the late 80s. Mikey Bennett and Patrick Lindsay had been schooled at Gussie studio complex in the 80s as digital music made its mark on Jamaican musical history. The label's productions were known for its polished perfection, although the press referred to it as 'hard core ragga'. The album "Voyage Into Dub" contains dub interpretations of "Your Body's Here With Me" (Fooling Around Dub) by Home T, Cocoa Tea and Shabba Ranks, Gregory Isaacs' tune "I'm Your Lover Man" and Dennis Brown's "No More Walls".

The ace in the pack has to be Shane Brown's shelved album "Juke Boxx Dub". Shane Brown, son of the famous engineer Errol Brown, learnt his craft on Tuff Gong's analogue equipment. After some productions for other producers he decided to start his own label Juke Boxx and scored numerous hits with renown reggae and dancehall stars such as Beenie Man, Busy Signal, Morgan Heritage, Jah Cure, Richie Spice and Vybz Kartel, to name but a few. He's now rightly regarded as reggae royalty. The selection of dub workouts are quite stripped down, but still have that 'real authentic music' vibe that makes this the most interesting set in this box. Included are versions of Chuck Fenda's "Freedom Of Speech" (Freedom Dub), Romain Virgo's "Can't Sleep" and Morgan Heritage's awesome hit tune "Brooklyn & Jamaica" entitled The Statement.

Impressive final set!