Various artists album review
Dancehallfieber 1
DHF Records/Indigo
27 - 11 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. Partymaterial - Mono & Amial
  2. Gott Steh Mir Bei - Caramellow, Criminal & Bina
  3. Ganja Smoke - Benjie
  4. Neues Vom Feindsender - Nikitaman
  5. Roots - Nattyflo
  6. So Verliebt - Ragga Fränkie & Natty U
  7. Leider - Irre Locke
  8. Freund Oder Feind - D-Flame
  9. Hör Mir Zu - Yell
  10. Toi, Toi, Toi - Texta
  11. Zu Lang - Junior Randy feat. Ganjaman
  12. Beware Ah Dem! - Thai Stylee
  13. Schade Schade - Der Biber
  14. Groovy Situation / Gschpür Das! - Ganglords feat. Bligg'n'Lexx
  15. Ich Denke An Dich - Lazy Youth & Der Biber
  16. Das Ventil (Keep The Fire Burning) - Dubblestandart
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

The album that started the craze after the review of the latest installment in this series last year "Dancehallfieber Vol.3" a leap back in time, to 2000, when German reggae and especially reggae with German lyrics were no further than on the brink of success. Kicking off this album alongside Texta's Klaus Laima with the aptly titled "Partymaterial" is the woman who appears on the next volumes of "Dancehallfieber" as well as on almost every Rootdown Records release, Monika 'Mono' Jaksche, who is about to release her debut album with Nikitaman (also featured here with antifascist tune "Neues Vom Feindsender" ) end of March "Das Spiel Beginnt" 'The Game Starts', and the 7" next week of their combination featuring CéCile "Get Started". Other artists who have in the 3 1/2 years since this release gained much wider recognition are Benji, whose "Ganja Smoka" even made it to his just released album "So Gesehen", Nattyflo, whose "Roots" appeared on 2003's "Rootdown Allstars Vol.1" an album that also features aforementioned Mono, Nikitaman, as well as Raggabund member Criminal, here paired with his fellow member Caramellow and Bina, riding Danny Brownie's Main Street Productions' 'All Purpose'-riddim for the great "Gott Steh Mir Bei" 'God Help Me'. Another one who rose to fame over the last couple of years is D-Flame who rides Rootdown Records teka's 'Racer'-riddim for his "Freund Oder Feind" 'Friend Or Enemy', whose first album "Basstard" was released around the same time as this compilation, and who would gain wider recognition with "Daniel X - Eine schwarze deutsche Geschichte" and "Unaufhaltsam". Kingstone's selector Lazy Youth finally has his debut album "Gebe Nicht Auf" 'Don't Give Up' about to be released on his own Basslabor-label. Some of the other contributors who did a fine job on this album, like Natty U & Ragga Fränkie, whose "So Verliebt" 'So In Love' in fact could have been a popchart buster, so catchy is their tune, Der Biber who still has to see his lyrical and vocal potential as shown on his take on In The Streets' 'Bug'-riddim, rewarded with more than his few selections on compilations, Hamburg's female conscious dancehall singer Yell, the Austrians Texta who just finally released a new album "So Oder So", and Thai Stylee (who also contributed a great track to Vol.3) seem to have their recognition not yet at that level. While Dubblestandart seems to have found their place in the nu-dub/lounge scene so very much alive around Vienna with its absolute masters of the trade Kruder & Dorfmeister. And then there is also the wonderful track "Groovy Situation - Gschpür Das!" in the Swiss-dialect version of German by long time Swiss reggae stalwarts Ganglords, a great although almost improbable to understand take featuring Bligg'n'Lexx on Keith Rowe's classic tune. If you want to hear where the German vibe now worldwide heard started, then this 2000 compilation is an album you should get.