Sound 'N' Pressure Story
Reggae Archive Records
CD / Digital Release
March 30, 2013

Sound 'n' Pressure Story - Various Artists Track list
  1. Fish, Goat& Sufferah feat. Versatile Creations - Warm The Nation
  2. Warm The Nation Version
  3. Fish & Goat - Dub Warmth
  4. All Nation Rockers feat. Roots Lepki - Rockers Arise
  5. Travelling Version
  6. Fish & Goat At The Controls - Against The Tide
  7. Fish & Goat Feat. Aba Shanti - High Tide Shark Attack Dub
  8. Fish & Goat - School Of Fish Dub
  9. All Nation Rockers - Talking Dreads Version
  10. All Nation Rockers - Rude Boy Sweeps In The Rebound Version
  11. Fish & Goat At The Controls - No Man Curse
  12. Fish & Goat At The Controls - Version
  13. T.C. Bassman - Move The Posts
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
The U.K. Digi/Roots scene has been booming and blossoming since the mid 1980's. Names like The Disciples, Iration Steppers and Jah Shaka come to mind. In the early 1990's, a new wave of Digi-Rockers burst in. The Sound 'N' Pressure label was responsible for releasing some of the most important and potent vocals and Dubplates during this time. British Reggae reissue masters Mike Darby and Martin Langford have compiled the label's entire output on this killer collection.

The Sound 'N' Pressure label was the labour of love of Tony Cummings (Tony C/T.C. Bassman), who has played a pivotal role in the London vibes for decades. Influenced by the works of Nick Manasseh (Sound Iration) and regular visits to Jah Shaka's earth shaking Sound System, Mr. Cummings felt compelled to create a sound. Linking up with fellow devotees Sufferah (Mark Evans), Fish (Adam Holden) and All Nation Rockers (Hamish Brown), the foundation was set. By good fortune, a rough demo was heard by Roots singers Danny Red and Tena Stelin in a record shop and they loved it. This wicked crew had a ready audience and their high impact releases would sell strong. They caught the attention of musical guests like Aba Shanti and Roots Lepki. The label survived from 1993-95. Inspired by the success, Tony started building his own studio but financial woes dissolved that. It did not dissolve Tony's vision, as he is currently working with upcoming Jamaican and British singers. He has sights set on rekindling his near perfect label-Sounds 'N' Pressure, Part Deux? Sound System ready!!!

Warm The Nation is an urgent track indeed. Guest singer Kenrick Griffith (Versatile Creations) hits the wicked riddim hard. Not a bad way to start; this being their first effort. No wonder Tena and Danny loved the well polished riddim. The version really shows that Tony and crew had been to their share of late nite Sound System parties. A perfectly cut version - bubblin' hot. Dub Warmth is a Dubplate that ranks up with Iration Steppers' best effort; a little bit of Creation Rebel rim shot included - cool and deadly. Rockers Arise features the vocals of Roots Lepki. The result is an urgent and rolling style; an atmosphere that is filled up tasty. The version is reminiscent of Manasseh's "Absentee" from the same time period. Put this on inna the dance and what them prance! Against The Tide (1994) boasts a bassline that is on par with Aswad's "Mosman Skank". The fast paced riddim shows how Tony and crew were keeping up with the times without losing sight of the Roots. High Tide Shark Attack Dub is the accompanying Dub that showcases Aba Shanti on melodica. This and the Dub treatment will take you to the right dimension.

School Of Fish Dub is serious! The keyboard work is ethereal and progressive. Most of these colossal tracks were recorded at Remaximum and Bus Shelter Studio in London. This clapper was done so at Bus Shelter and released in June, 1994. Talking Dreads Version opens up with a serious bassline and transcends into more of an organic riddim than previous outings; great simplicity. One of the first tracks recorded at Tony's shortlived Wavelength Studio; released in 1995. Rude Boy Sweeps In The Rebound Version is definitely one of the more experimental tracks that SNR put out. It totally works; a different foray if you will. The final three tracks have not been released until now and what a joy it is to hear them now! No Man Curse was already played as a Dubplate by Aba Shanti but never saw ifficial release. A beautifully laden riddim that is strong on all levels. The keys and thumping drum pattern give it serious emotion. Standout selection inna this collection! The version goes even higher and really draws you in with the emphasis on the keys and intelligent melodica manners. Move The Posts was recorded at Wavelength and it does move you. Not overdone, not underdone, just nice.

"Sound 'N' Pressure Story" is an essential collection even if you are strictly an acoustic riddim fan. Tony Cummings and bredrin really captured the vibes and put out intelligent work in just two short years. One can hear musical influences, but this sound is as original as can be. Close your eyes when listening to this gem and you will be in the midst of a bubbling Sound System arena. Get this musical disc; there is no risk. Go deh!!!!!!!