Rootdown Selected Vol. 01 ~ Tek A Train (Riddim Selection)
Rootdown Records
CD/Digital Download (& 3x7" Vinyl)
November 20, 2009

Track list
  1. Love Crazy - Ziggi
  2. Love Don't Get Better - Anthony B.
  3. Take The Train - Jaqee
  4. Girl You Don't Know - Cali P.
  5. Distance - Smiley
  6. Was Ich Mein' - Nosliw
  7. Immer Noch - Mono & Nikitaman
  8. Vergiss Mich Nicht - D-Flame
  9. Woher Sollt' Ich Wissen - Maxim
  10. Refugee - Sophia Squire & Hi Kee
  11. Bajo La Luz - I Nesta
  12. Dancehall Party - Slonesta
  13. Magie - Rojah Phad Full
  14. Tek A Train Riddim Megamix - mixed by Buschwerk Bounce
  15. Tek A Train Riddim Version- Teka
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Rootdown Records made big waves internationally with their riddims from 2003 'Crystal Woman' and the even one year older 'Musik' riddims in 2005 and the excellent 'Let Go'-riddim near the end of 2006, but none of these was as successfull as the 'iLove'-riddim became almost two years ago. Nosliw, Mono & Nikitaman, Nattyflo, Maxim and the Switzerland based first English language artist Lee Everton all profited in a way from the exposure of Rootdown Records' co-founder and in house producer Thilo 'Teka' Jacks worldwide. And now a wonderful next riddim selection has been released.

It is no more than justice that the Netherlands' Ziggi, originally from St. Eustatius in the Dutch Carribean, delivers the first tune on this riddim as his "Need To Tell You This" was thé international hit from the 'iLove'-riddim selection and his excellent "Love Crazy" might turn out to be the big tune from this 'Tek A Train'-selection too. It's followed by the lovers tune "Love Don't Get Better" by Anthony B and the wonderful soulful reggae of "Take The Train" by Jaqee giving this riddim its name. Guadeloupe born dancehall singer/singjay living in Switzerland Cali P contributes the very nice "Girl You Don't Know" before Smiley, born in Aruba (the Dutch Carribean), since 2000 living in the Netherlands, delivers one of the best tunes he voiced so far with the love almost gone wrong tune "Distance".

The usual suspects from the Rootdown camp kick in then, Nosliw being the first delivering the superb lovers tune "Was Ich Mein" followed by the blazing ganja-tune "Immer Noch" by Mono & Nikitaman and then squeezed in is one of the most underrated German singjays/deejays D-Flame who switches from his ultradeep deejay-voice to a singing baritone for the sweet "Vergiss Mich Nicht" surprisingly before another of Rootdown's own roster Maxim delivers his wonderful tune about the pitfalls of love (at first sight) as he wonders
"Woher Sollt' Ich Wissen" dass sich hinter diesen göttlichen Lippen, diesen schuldlosen Blicken der Teufel versteckt, um mein Herz zu vergiften.

Spanish Town based (former?) Juke Boxx protégé Sophia Squire & St. Elizabeth based Hi Kee - the latter currently having several tunes released on European labels - team up to contribute the Jamaican voicing over the riddim "Refugee" with Hi Kee's oldschool deejaying counteracting the sweet singing of Sophia, followed by I Nesta from Panama with his very fine "Bajo La Luz" in Spanish and two convincing German newcomers, Slonesta from Germany's 'Black Forest' region with the upful party tune "Dancehall Party" and Rojah Phad Full from Bayreuth with the extremely entertaining "Magie".

The album is rounded off with the almost 15 minutes long "Tek A Train Riddim Megamix" by Buschwerk Bounce (the sound of Slonesta) and luckily the clean "Tek A Train Riddim Version" has been included as well. No matter how hard it may have seemed to succeed a riddim like 'iLove', Teka has managed to do so with this 'Tek A Train'-riddim that is released both as first one-riddim album in the new Rootdown Selected series and as a limited 3x7" release with the six international versions. A must buy for anyone who loves soulful roots and lovers reggae or was impressed by (Ziggi's "Need To Tell This" across) the 'iLove'-riddim.