Sly & Robbie and Taxi Gang with Bitty McLean & Cherine Anderson

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Sly & Robbie and Taxi Gang with Bitty McLean & Cherine Anderson

Sly & Robbie and Taxi Gang with Bitty McLean & Cherine Anderson

When: February 23, 2019

Where: Longboard Margarite Bar, Pacifica, California

Photos and clip: Robert ‘Higherman’ Heilman / Edited by Teacher

Copyright:  2019 – Robert ‘Higherman’ Heilman

Sly & Robbie

It’s a Royal occasion when the world renowned TAXI GANG plays a string on club venues. To coincide with BITTY MCLEAN’s recent “LOVE RESTART”(the fourth Sly/Robbie production), The Riddims Twins And Crew blazed up The West Coast with some intimate and powerful shows. Anytime they tour (which is often), stadiums and large venues are filled to capacity; the club approach allowed the packed houses to truly witness these ambassadors of Jamaican music history. Absolute quality on stage and studio everytime..

Fenton Wardle and Peter Gayle

The nite was on Royal levels from the get go. Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare warmed up with veteran TAXI GANG members that included Franklyn ”Bubbler” Waul (one of the finest keyboardists/composers in the business) and saxman/percussionist “Stepper” Briard (French veteran with deep connections w/Sly/Robbie for years). Bay Area favorite Fenton Wardle (REGGAE ANGELS) opened up the vocal package with choice tracks from his two recent TAXI productions. With decades of experience and over 17 albums released; he delivered with Royal reflection. Kingston based singer Peter Gayle raised the levels with Heartical takes of Revolution, Broader Than Broadway and Wild World. A tremendous singer whose versatility beckons more exposure.

Cherine Anderson

Empress Cherine Anderson has been delivering timeless anthems for some time. She was part of Taxi Gang tour roughly seven years ago. With grace and beauty, she‘s able to communicate with each and every man and woman in attendance. Absolute talent with a strong future!! The mesmerizing performances were supported by the limitless strength of Sly & Robbie and crew. The respectful flow of this riddim section is nothing short of flawless.

Bitty McLean

After a riddimatic workout on the Dub side, Bitty McLean took the stage. This gentleman exudes class, vision and style. Drawing mainly from Love Restart and Moving On, he demonstrated what it takes to make Reggae Music authentically appealing to all of Creation. Peter Gayle was brilliant on backing vox; the massive fulljoying to the maximum.

A photo essay is necessary to complement this historic night. What a joy to witness what Sly Dunbar and Robbie Skakespeare have contributed to Reggae music.