Robert Campbell aka Jah Wise

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Jah Wise


Artist: Robert Campbell aka Jah Wise

Painter, Selector:

Jah Wise became known as the painter of Horsemouth’s motorcycle in the reggae cultmovie “Rockers” and as top selector for Jamaican sound system Tippatone aka (Lord) Tippatone HiFi,  

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Cornell Campbell’s younger brother Robert Campbell aka Jah Wise began his selecting career while still in grade school, playing for a Spanish Town sound called Mellotone. He first joined Tippatone as a “boxboy” who helped moved speakers and equipment, but his selecting talent soon propelled him to the top of the sound. As his reputation grew, he was asked to do freelance selecting work for other sounds, and would frequently play for Jack Ruby, with whom Jah Wise had a close relationship.

Jah Wise and his paintings

Jah Wise and his paintings

Jah Wise and his paintings

Jah Wise and his paintings

A skilled artist as well as selector, Jah Wise was also frequently employed as a painter; his artwork graces many Jamaican studios, including Lee Perry’s famous Black Ark, and Wise can be seen decorating Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace’s motorcycle in the 1978 film “Rockers”. Jah Wise, selector and master of fine arts, relocated from Kingston JA to New York, where he still lives today.

Black Ark Studio

Outside Lee Perry’s Black Ark Studio, Kingston JA