Ninja Ford: From Then Till Now (The Interview)

by Jan 23, 2023Articles, Interview

Ninja Ford interview


Glenton Foreman, in music business known as heavyweight ’90s dancehall artist Ninja Ford aka Sir Ford, pulled up to the Entertainment Report Podcast for a conversation about his career. Ninja Ford spoke about growing up in St. Thomas, being inspired by Ninja Man, reggae artist Simple Simon bringing him to Kingston, Wee Pow and Stone Love, Johnny Osbourne giving him his name Ninja Ford, recording for Jack Scorpio and Black Scorpio studio, recording for Bobby Digital of Digital B Records and recording his breakout hit “Overboard” for John John.

Ninja Ford also spoke about connecting with Ricky Trooper and Killamanjaro, his first trip to England with Bass Odyssey, Sky Juice from Metro Media, the reason for adding ‘Sir Ford’ to his name, his new musical direction and sooooooo much more.  (Interview by kind permission of



Cold Like Ice



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