Legendary Conga Player Larry McDonald & Friends Light Up Miracle Theater

by Feb 22, 2023Articles, Report

Legendary Conga Player Larry McDonald & Friends Light Up Miracle Theater

When: February 10, 2023
Where: The Miracle – Inglewood CA
Reporter: Stephen Cooper
Footage: Stephen Cooper – Edited/Compiled by Teacher@ReggaeVibes
Photos: Stephen Cooper
Copyright:  2023 – Stephen Cooper

When the best conga player to ever live, Larry McDonald, informed me he’d be the featured player February 10 with the David Hillyard Band & the Rocksteady 7—at the Miracle Theater, a large and classy venue in Inglewood that’s splendid for live music—I immediately cleared my calendar and put aside a big bud of Southern California “knockout weed” (as a present for Larry).

Billed by the Miracle as “a showcase of ska, reggae, [and] soul,” the Hillyard Band was the headliner of the evening. Their polished renditions of Jamaican classics and original compositions thrilled concert-goers with good vibes; by the time the night was over everyone was imbued with that pulsating thrill—one that makes you feel better about almost all life’s challenges—live music, excellently done, provides.

Performing also with verve and aplomb (before Larry and the Hillyard Band basically burned the joint down with their blazing performance) was Roger Rivas and his “All-Stars,” and Jackie Mendez together with her band, too.

Larry McDonald & Stephen Cooper
As I hope is well represented in the photos and video footage I took—to document the experience, and, that accompanies this article—all the singers, musicians, and venue staff deserve heartfelt congratulations for a truly exciting, enriching, irie evening had by all.