Reggae Interviews talks with Micah Shemaiah

by Apr 6, 2023Articles, Interview

Reggae Interviews talks with Micah Shemaiah
DJ 745 caught up with Micah Shemaiah at the Twelve Tribes HQ, Kingston Jamaica to hear about his latest album Jamaica Jamaica on Evidence Music

Reminiscent and symbolic of a time past, Micah Shemaiah’s Jamaica Jamaica album alludes to issues faced in the Jamaican society and doesn’t miss out on suggesting ways that the people can fix the issues. A musical journey into the roots of the Sound System culture. Infused with a pinch of dancehall melodies, Jamaica Jamaica is one for the charts with conscious lyrics, soothing vocals, mellow vibes and sheer talent. A perfect symbol of the Reggae Revival movement.

The album pays tribute to the Sound System culture with heavy bass line and Rub-A-Dub feel and Micah never disappoints as he keeps his long time promise of staying true to his roots, authentic to the Jamaican experience and spreading love through feel-good, thought-provoking music. The album features 15 tracks that showcase the versatility of Micah Shemiah and is significant to displaying the range and reach of Reggae as he is known to do.


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