Scientist Studiously Slays Lodge Room

by Jul 22, 2023Articles, Report

Scientist Studiously Slays Lodge Room
The Lodge Room, an iconic entertainment venue in Los Angeles—originally a Masonic lodge built 100 years ago—is an inviting, exciting, acoustically exhilarating space; this was never more so than June 15 when Jamaican music legend, dub pioneer and sound engineer Scientist—also known as Hopeton Brown—seized control of the Lodge Room’s state-of-the-art sound system, headlining a hot, heady show within its classy confines.

Supported by versatile-veteran-singjay General Jah Mikey, and a funky opening band called “Brainstory”—whose warm melodies, psychedelic riffs, and head-banging beats paired perfectly with Scientist and Jah Mikey’s polished two-man show—the smiling faces of well over 400 jubilant Angelenos as they left the 500 person-capacity concert hall was proof the evening had been a success.

Invited by Scientist, with whom I’ve recently commenced a very historic, long-term project—a book about Scientist’s legendary career, dub, and the reggae industry—I arrived early: right as the sound check was beginning.

I hope you enjoy the photos and video footage—included in this article—I took to document this memorable, musically
uplifting evening. The sound files from the show are provided courtesy of Scientist.

Brainstory Performance - Audio from Scientist's Mixing Board

General Jah Mikey Performance - Audio from Scientist's Mixing Board


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