Marcia Griffiths Interview -40 Years On- The True Story of ‘Electric Boogie’

by Sep 19, 2023Articles, Interview

Marcia Griffiths Interview
Marcia Griffiths is the original vocalist of Electric Boogie, a song which created a dance craze in America in 1989. She originally voiced that song 40 years ago in 1983 and the song was penned by her schoolfriend, the Late Bunny Wailer OM OJ.

DJ 745 sat down with ‘Auntie Marcia’ to unravel the truth about a song that is most well known as the Electric Slide song for the popular line dance associated with it, which has become synonymous at weddings, birthdays and other family get-togethers.

Various myths and rumours continue to circulate about the various ‘versions’ recorded during the 1980’s and Marcia Griffiths sets the record straight for her fans.


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