Scientist Stitches Together Smashing Show at Knitting Factory

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Scientist at Knitting Factory
Legendary sound engineer and dub pioneer, Scientist, also known as Hopeton Brown, tours the world—and he has done so for decades; this is because Scientist’s knowledge about music and his ear for sound—in a studio and at musical performances—is unparalleled; furthermore Scientist’s skill at using a digital console, to mix live shows and to make otherworldly dubs—dubs that compel you to bob your head and skank to the riddim—is loved globally by legions of his fans.

After doing some shows in China, and, before heading to perform in New York (then after that, Australia, where he’ll be doing shows in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Melbourne, and Sydney), Scientist stopped by the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles—on September 16; there, Scientist stitched together a smashing show featuring live performances from songstresses Atara and Empress Truth Akins.

A unique singer, Akins has also worked as a justice reformer using music to uplift burdened souls she’d encounter in carceral settings. And as far as Atara, what is there not to like about her? Scientist has never worked with Atara before, but he told me he plans to work with her more in the future and it wasn’t hard to see why; a classy but also sultry R&B singer—equally comfortable interpreting reggae standards—Atara’s vocal style is powerful, clear, melodic, full of unique character, and thrilling.

I arrived in time for the sound check, several hours before the show, and documented—via video and photos—Scientist doing his thing: setting up the venue for a successful evening where Atara and Truth Akins’s voices, as well as the overall sound and timbre of the music, would shine brightly.

After the sound check I ate spicy Indian food with Scientist and his girlfriend, where we meditated upon life and its manifold blessings, curiosities, and struggles. We then continued reasoning in the green room until it was time for Scientist, Atara, and Truth Akins to rock the house; this, of course, I also memorialized for your viewing and listening pleasure by way of the video footage and photos contained in this article. Enjoy!

Flyer of the show by Eyela Laghaie.

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Scientist and Stephen Cooper (Photo Stephen Cooper)

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