Fictional Music Story: The Blackstones – Soul Power

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Fictional Music Story: The Blackstones - Soul Power


When: June, 2024
Creator: Wayne Marshall the first
Copyright:  2024 – Wayne Marshall the first

The Blackstones – Soul Power (AUDIO)

Fictional Music Stories Videos

WM1st and Reggae Vibes have teamed up to showcase a collection of music-driven fictional stories through a series of video content, targeting audiences with a passion for reggae music.

For many people, music is more than just a form of entertainment. It provides joy during difficult times, offers metaphors for wisdom, and sparks learning and reflection through narratives. “Fictional Music Stories” from Storyfied Songs is a series of music videos that reimagines popular songs as immersive tales, allowing viewers to forge a deeper emotional connection with the music.

This Fictional Music Video is inspired by The Blackstones’ Soul Power. The song, featured on the vocal group’s 2023 album Fresh, has been released as a single. The group’s cover of The Heptones’ 1969 tune was recorded and produced by Stingray Records in London UK.

This story is about Maya, a strong and resilient African American woman who has faced her fair share of heartbreak. Throughout her life, she always seemed to gravitate towards the wrong kind of boyfriends, the ones who would mistreat her, use her, and disrespect her. But that was all about to change.

Congrats to The Blackstones for hitting the number 12 position on Foundation Network NY Chart 2024.


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