Interview with Shaydz from Black African Museum

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Articles, Interview

Shaydz aka Silkki Wonda


When: July, 2017

Where:  Kingston, Jamaica

Reporter: Unknown

Copyright:  2017 – Zojak Worldwide

On 21st July 2017, the Jamaica based Black African Museum label has digitally released the “Upful Reggae Riddim” , with tunes from artists such as “Mikey General, Akae Beka, Queen Omega, Jah Bouks, Dre Island, Dexta Malawi, and Silkki Wonda. Time for introducing the artist and producer Shaydz aka Silkki Wonda.


When did you start recording / performing your music?
My name is Ricardo Lynch, normally known as Shaydz from ZincFence Records, the producers for Chronixx. We been recording for a long time, from the beginning of Chronixx and ZincFence, about 7-8 years. Our first release was “Warrior” by Chronixx, then “Behind Curtain”. So yeah, we been start recording from dem time deh. I’m also an artist called Silkki Wonda, my track is also on the project,” Upful Reggae Riddim’ with Danny Red. I start performing my songs a year and a half ago now.

Tell us a bit about your new release, “Upful Reggae Riddim”.
“Upful Reggae Riddim” is a project that I’ve been working on for the past year. Getting the sounds right, getting the people who I think woulda sound good on it. The drum pattern was built by Teflon ZincFence and Martima Music, and the rest of the arrangement was done by me, Shaydz. Also, some of the arrangement was done by Tippy from I Grade Records, also.. It’s a soothing, meditational riddim with these different artists, you see: Jah Bouks, the great Akae Beka (Midnite), Queen Omega, Dre Island, Dexta Malawi, Danny Red feat. Silkki Wonda, Ashkenaz, Ras Malekot, and Italee.

So I created this project to bring an upful vibration to the mind and to the soul, of not just the younger generation but to the whole people that feel dem stuck inna dem ways, you know. So it is an enlightenment to listen to the words of the song. This “Upful Reggae Riddim” is really trying to say a new world, a new behavior, a new way of living. I wonder where the revolutionary people are, you know what I mean. So these are awakening some of the people who are asleep, and enlightening some of the people that are in darkness.

upful reggae riddim

Can you describe your musical style, and how it is unique?
I don’t think I have no style, I just naturally do it, you know? I just do it from the sound that come into I and I. I and I just work with that sound that coming from me. If a style thing, that mean many different style from all avenue, and that is unique because I am unique. This sound that you are hearing is coming from me, a unique person. You can’t hear this style coming from anywhere else. Natural vibration, soulful, smooth, cool. Yeah, the musical style is just from Jah. Unique. You know? Different and special.

Do you have any new projects with specific artists or producers that you’d like to mention?
Yeah mon, right after this I have a next project called “The Great Riddim”, you know?. I have a lot of people pon it already. I have Akae Beka on it again, you na mean? I have Keda on it, Silkki Wonda’s on it, Black Hero is going to be on it. So I have that project coming soon. Silkii Wonda, I am working with Toddla T on his new project coming up. I have an album coming out soon. I am planning to put out 2 albums this year. I have an album with myself and I have an album with the team, with various artists.

Anything else you’d like to tell the people?
Yeah so look out for this project, “Upful Reggae Riddim”. Look out for more production from ZincFence Records, Black African Museum. Most of my projects will be coming from Black African Museum, which is not just a record label but is also a production group that is there to produce not just music but various recordings… sounds, music, videos, movies, poems, poetic style… We are not just going to do music, that’s why I didn’t just say Black African Records, I said Black African Museum. The whole thing of preserving Black African products, Black African arts… anything from we, black people is going to be preserved in that museum. See all these works now from Silkki Wonda, Shaydz, ZincFence is coming from The Black African Museum. And the first project from the Black African Museum is “Upful Reggae Riddim”.

Big up all producers, Martima Music, Zinc Fence Records, Teflon Music, Eesah Music, Chronixx Music, Tippy I Grade, Andrew Bassie, all the artist dem pon the track dem, bless up uno selves, straight. Selassie I liveth. I will give thanks to all the musician who play on these track, you know.