Tyrone Taylor – Singer With A Golden Sweet Voice

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Tyrone Taylor 1957-2007

Artist Info

Tyrone Taylor 1957-2007 

Career: Solo artist

Selective Discography

Solo Albums

  • Move Up Blackman (1976) Wolf
  • Cottage In Negril (1983) Love Time
  • Got To Make Me Love You (1983) Japan Records Inc.
  • Sings Members Only (1986) Techniques
  • Jamming In The Hills (1987) World Enterprise Records
  • Ken Boothe & Tyrone Taylor 2 Of A Kind (1987) Tuff Gong
  • Rebirth (1991) GBL Records
  • Totally Tyrone (1994) Tuff Gong
  • The Way To Paradise (1995) P Records
  • Rebirth (1998) Charm
  • Rock On (1999) Charm
  • Settle Down (2003) Plush
  • Deal Me In (2003) Angella Records
  • Master (2009) Stingray Records
  • Mixed Up Moods With Attitude (Unknown) Tappa Records

12″ Singles

  • Cottage In Negril
  • Members Only
  • Got To Come Back
  • Rainy Sunset
  • Settle Down
  • Sufferation / Jah I
  • Members Only / Let Me Rock You Tonight
  • Come To Me
  • Be For Real
  • Energy
  • Loving You Back To Loving Me
  • Can’t Stop Rastaman Now/Can’t Keep A Rastaman Down
  • Give Me Your Love/Move Up Black Man
  • Forever
  • South Africa / Jah Man Of Calvary
  • Members Only / Let Me Rock You Tonight
  • Take Your Time / Girl You’re Mine
  • So In Love / Live And Love
  • Too Weak To Fight
  • Heavy Waist Line / Jah Bring I Joy
  • When I Fall In Love
  • Magic Of The Candlelights
  • Lover’s Prayer / Put It Down
  • Concord My Heart / Stealing Love
  • Love You Back
  • So In Love / Tato
  • For Your Dancing Feet
  • Confused Mind
  • Mixed Up Moods With Attitude
  • My First Love
  • Cottage In Negrill / Don’t Destroy Me
  • Just When I Needed You Most / Can’t Stop Rasta Now
  • Sufferation // Rock On / Saturday Night
  • Hold Your Hand Public
  • Picture On The Wall
  • Send A Letter
  • Take Your Time/Too Fast
  • Africa / Free South Africa
  • Heavy Waist Line / Tiney, Tiney / Electric Waist Line
  • Heart Of A Man / I Need You
  • Gimme The Television / My Music by Tyrone Taylor
  • Crying Time
  • Fight It Blackman
  • Cottage In Negril / ‘Allo Tosh
  • Open Book
  • I Got A Feeling
  • Shame On You / My Heart Is Pleading
  • True Confession
  • Energy
  • Standing In The Shadows Of Love / Reach Out
  • Book Of My Heart
  • Familiar Feeling
  • Tanisha
  • Move Up Blackman
  • Love Me Tender
  • Right Full Rebel
  • I’d Like To Know / Answer Needed
  • Funny Familiar Feeling
  • Pain In My Heart / Bits Of Paper
  • Moments To Treasure
  • Send A Letter / Drop Me Line
  • Choose Me

7″ Singles

  • Cottage In Negril / ‘Allo Tosh
  • Move Up Blackman
  • Hurt Me
  • Kiss Away My Tears
  • So In Love
  • Old Cure Wine
  • Love You Back To Loving Me Again
  • Life Table
  • The Heart Of A Man
  • Tell It Like It Is
  • Big City / Got To Make Me Love You
  • Pledge To The Sun
  • Birds Of A Feather
  • Lonely Street
  • Extra, Extra / Life Table Turning
  • I Believe In Yesterday
  • Just Out Of Reach
  • Moonlight & Roses
  • Stealing Love On The Side
  • Big City / Don’t Destroy Me
  • Happiness Is Loving You
  • Magic Of The Candlelight
  • Just Let Me Know / Just Let Me Dub You
  • Beautiful Eyes
  • Cottage In Negril / Part Time Love
  • Come On Over
  • Rock Me Baby
  • She’S A Lady
  • Take Me To The River
  • Move Up Black Man
  • Lover’s Prayer (Adapted)
  • Coptic Time
  • Conquered My Heart
  • Unchained Melody
  • Princess Lady
  • Stranger
  • Sufferation
  • Fight It Black Man
  • Wick Seek My Soul/Bumpe Skin
  • Sufferation / Shot From The Pistol
  • Just Let Me Know
  • In The Morning
  • When You´re Down
  • Puppet On A String
  • Too Much Of The Same Thing
  • I Am A Believer
Tyrone Taylor, the reggae singer whose 1983 song “Cottage In Negril” is considered a classic, died on Saturday, December 1st 2007. Producer Norman ‘Bull Puss’ Bryan, a close friend of Taylor’s, said the singer died from prostate cancer in Kingston, Jamaica. The St. Elizabeth-born Taylor, who was 50 years old, had fallen on hard times. He suffered two strokes in recent years and spoke openly of a substance abuse problem that derailed a promising career.

TYRONE TAYLOR – 1957-2007

Tyrone Taylor was born in Negril, Jamaica, in 1957. He first ventured in the studio at the tender age of 12 when he recorded “Delilah” for producer Joe Gibbs. The song surfaced in the UK on the flipside of Dennis Walks’ hit “Having A Party”, but being disappointed with the final result of his first recording Taylor drifted among some of Jamaica’s top session men, learning to play a number of instruments. One of his most influential benefactors was Willie Lindo who encouraged him to persevere with a career in the music business.

Taylor went on to record with a number of Jamaica’s leading producers, notably with Winston “Niney The Observer” Holness and Jack Ruby, and was signed to Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong enterprise. The singer with the golden sweet voice always seemed to do his best work under the direction of Niney the Observer. For him he recorded two Jamaican hits, “Just A Feeling” and “Sufferation”, the latter featuring a special King Tubby mix.

It was his own production of the 1983 recorded immortal lovers rock anthem “Cottage in Negril” (no reggae collection is complete without this semi-autobiographical song!), that brought Tyrone Taylor to the attention of an international audience. The single surfaced at a time when dancehall was at its most popular, and despite his gentler approach, he was able to earn the title of “Best Selling Singer Of 1983”. His subsequent release, “Come To Me”, was not as successful as its predecessor. Undeterred, MCA, who had enjoyed a UK number 1 hit with Musical Youth, signed Tyrone Taylor on the strength of “Cottage In Negril”. The contract led to the release of “Pledge To The Sun”, which failed to generate sufficient enthusiasm for further output. A real pity, because he had recorded an album’s worth of material that was not released. A tour of Europe was arranged without any support from the label, and disillusionment from lack of promotion led to his premature departure from the contract.


Tyrone Taylor - Rock On
Tyrone Taylor - Rebirth

Following this setback, little was heard from Tyrone Taylor. But he bounced back on the roots market, releasing sporadic hits, most notably in 1987 when he released “Members Only” and “Be For Real!”. By 1993 he had returned to working with his original guiding mentor, Willie Lindo, who produced the album “The Way To Paradise”, which featured mainly cover versions in the singer’s inimitable style. In 1994 he teamed up with producer/musician Clive Hunt, and released the hit single “Rainy Sunset”. Throughout the following years he remained a low prolific singer who gained exposure primarily in the UK. Due to health issues he was sitting in a wheelchair in recent years.

Tyrone Taylor was a talented songwriter whose writing skills have been compared to Bob Andy. As a singer his unique delivery style gave him the special appeal to a wider audience.

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