Tenor Fly – Mr Roughneck Fashion

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Tenor Fly 19xx-2016

Artist Info

Tenor Fly 19xx-2016

Career: Solo artist | Member of the Freestylers

Selective Discography


  • Tenor Fly Meets Top Cat – Two Veterans (9 Lives Records)
  • Tenor Fly Meets Congo Natty – 12 Years Of Jungle (Congo Natty)


  • Basque Times Riddim (Revolutionary Brothers Music)
  • Heat (Fashion Records)
  • Fever Pitch (Fashion Records)
  • Ragga Clash Volume 3 60’s Meets 90’s (Fashion Records)
  • Ragga Mania (Fashion Records)
  • The Gripper Ragga Clash Volume 4 (Fashion Records)
  • Downbeat In The Jungle (Downbeat/Station 12 Records)
  • Rougher Neck Fashions (Blacker Dread)
  • Strictly Ragga (Vista Sounds)
  • Dancehall Reggae – 16 Original Reggae Chart Toppers (E2 Records)
  • An England Story (Soul jazz Records)
  • Fashion In Fine Style – Significant Hits Volume 2 (Reggae Archive Records)
  • Colour Code & Friends (Root Veg Records)


  • Black Against Black (12″ single)
  • Born Again (12″ single)
  • Bright Side Of Life (7″ & 12″ single)
  • Bump & Grine (12″ single)
  • Defend Your Word (12″ single)
  • Don’t Dis The Jungle (12″ single)
  • I’m Sorry If I Hurt Your Feelings (12″ single)
  • Town A Run Hot (12″ single)
  • Reality Check feat. Freestylers (CD single)
  • B-Boy Stance feat. Freestylers (CD single)
  • Meets Johnny Clarke – Born In The Ghetto (12″ single)
  • Meets Johnny Clarke – Dancehall Clash (12″ single)
  • Meets Johnny Clarke – Matey A Model (12″ single)
  • No More Agony (12″ single)
  • Pose Up (7″ single)
  • Sight Mi Nozzle (7″ single)
  • Mi Darlin’ (7″ single)
  • I Get My Kicks (12″ single)
  • Spark Body Plug (12″ single)
  • Sweet Ting (7″ single)
  • Mind Weh Yu Seh (7″ single)
  • Roughneck Fashion (12″ single)
  • Inner Cities (12″ single)
  • What’s The Name Of The Sound feat. Nerious Joseph (12″ single)
  • Let’s Play feat. Nerious Joseph (12″ single)
  • Hurry Up feat. Nerious Joseph (12″ single)
  • Sunshine feat. Nerious Joseph (12″ single)
Tenor Fly, born Jonathan Sutter, Brixton, London, England, began his career with Lloyd Coxsone’s Outernational Sound System, working alongside such dignitaries as Jah Screechy and Blacker Dread. In 1989 his debut release, “Roughneck Fashion”, topped the UK reggae chart, and was swiftly followed by the equally successful “Inner Cities”.

TENOR FLY – 19XX-2016

His growing reputation led to collaborations with the Ragga Twins (under the guise of Demon Rocker), the highly acclaimed DJ Top Cat, and seasoned vocalist Nerious Joseph. He has also enjoyed crossover success, having three consecutive Top 40 hits with Rebel MC aka Congo Natty, “Tribal Bass”, “Wickedest Sound” and ‘Coming On Strong”. In 1994 his satirical interpretation of the Monty Python Life Of Brian chant, “Bright Side Of Life”, over a sample of Nina Simone’s “My Baby Just Cares For Me”, rewarded him with a UK Top 50 hit. His success was followed by the Big Orange duet, “Let’s Play”, reuniting the deejay with singer Nerious Joseph.


Frankie Paul - Every Nigger is a star

In 1996 Tenor Fly toured Japan, appearing alongside Top Cat and Sweetie Irie at the annual Japan Splash Festival. On his return he was invited to perform on the Louchie Lou And Michie One album, “Danger Us”, for the track “Before The Night Is Over”. In 1997, he embarked on recording sessions for his long-awaited debut, to be released by his advocate Top Cat on the DJ’s own Nine Lives label. Later on the charismatic Tenor Fly became one of the most distinctive voices in breakbeat and drum&bass/jungle and remained a constant vocal & lyrical force in the music scene till the day he died.

Anyone who has heard him through his solo work and collaborations with other artists, his lyrical contributions to reggae influenced music from jungle to dancehall or at one of the many events he has performed at, will know the man’s passion and love for the music. Without any doubt one of the baddest UK MC’s to ever pic up the mic.

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