Sandeeno – Roughneck Soldier

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Artist Info

Sandeeno 19??-2018

Career: Duo with Spiderman | Solo artist

Selective Discography


  • Teardown Babylon
  • Guncrime Gone Crazy
  • Hold It Down (Sip A Cup Showcase Vol. 10)
  • The Heathens

Albums w/ Spiderman

  • Superman And Spiderman
  • It Ain’t Easy


  • Champion Sound (12″)
  • Tear Down Babylon (12″)
  • Flexing Lean
  • Nah Go Down Deh
  • Borrowed Time
  • Jah A Mi Protector
  • Nowhere To Run
  • Good Over Evil
  • Ready & Prepare (12″)
  • Put Down De Guns (12″)
  • More Strength
  • Can’t Keep I & I Down
  • World In Danger
  • Ah Mankind (10″)
  • Better Way
  • Ah Mankind (10″)
  • Mr Greed For All
  • No More War
  • Wise Man
  • What Dem Fighting For
  • Sound Boy Warning
  • Babylon Falling Down
  • Love Jah And Live
  • Roughneck Soldier
  • Fresh
  • Drink And Drive
  • Bonifide Friend
  • Ungrateful Women
  • Ganja Promotions
  • Infatuation
  • Jah Lifted Me Up
  • Colour Of Our skin
  • Love See No Colour

Derrick Johnson, better known as Sandeeno, passed away on Sunday September 30, 2018. Details about the cause of his death are yet unknown.

Sandeeno was born in Birmingham UK, but raised in the Jamaican parish of Manchester. He first started out as a deejay under the name of Superman deejaying in combination with Jamaican deejay Spiderman. They recorded their debut album in 1984 for Ranking Joe and it was released on Kingdom Records in 1985. It was recorded at Harry J’s and Channel One in Jamaica. Sandeeno then moved to Kingston in order to be nearer to the studios. During the following years they recorded for various producers and released singles on labels such as King Jammy’s, Shocking Vibes, Penthouse, Steely & Cleevie, Mr Doo, Soljie and others.

SANDEENO – 19??-2018

In 1993 he met with Charlie Outernational of Outernational Records and recorded the album “It Ain’t Easy” which was critically acclaimed. The duo then toured Switzerland. After the tour the duo split and Superman changed his name to Sandeeno. He released his first solo record titled “Gangster” on the Black Roots imprint. In 1995 he moved into self-production with the single “Ten Commitments” showcasing him being able to both deejay and sing. Several singles followed for various producers.



In 1996 Sandeeno recorded “Tear Down Babylon” for Mikey Simpson’s MCS Records. The song was quite a hit and reached #1 on the English charts and stayed there for several months becoming somewhat of an anthem. Successful singles such as “Nah Go Down Deh” and “Mankind” followed. These and other singles were collected for the album “Tear Down Babylon”, which was released in 1998.

Since then he has recorded for producers such as Gussie P, Blacker Dread and the Fashion studio among others. In 2008 Sandeeno released the album “Guncrime Gone Crazy” that was focused entirely on anti-gun and uplifting messages. The next year saw the release of a Showcase album entitled “Hold It Down”, which was produced by Gussie P, two years later followed by “The Heathens”, a 20-track CD he recorded for producer Dougie Wardrop.

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