Manudigital – Biggest Digital Kingston Session Ever

by May 17, 2020Report

French riddim maker, bass player and producer specialized in digital Reggae, Manudigital, has been involved in Reggae music for more than 15 years now and has worked with many artists such as Alborosie, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Biga Ranx, Lt Stitchie, Queen Omega and Joseph Cotton.


Manudigital’s web series are being shared worldwide across social media inspiring new fans every day. One of these series, Digital Kingston Session, is highly acclaimed by fans of Ragga – essentially Reggae played entirely (or mostly) using digital instrumentation. Artists whom Manudigital collaborated with for these sessions include Josey Wales, Junior Cat, Pinchers, Capleton, Elephant Man, King Everald, Admiral Bailey, Pad Anthony, Jigsy King, and more.

Manudigital presents the Biggest Digital Kingston Session Ever, recorded with more than 20 wicked Jamaican artists! XXL format! Mawd vibz! This session features Kenneth Culture, Utan Green, Ninja Ford, Junior Cat, Famous Face, Ghetto Face, Anaconda, Quench Aid, Guinney Pepper, Sunshine, Logic, Alpha and more…