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Author: Ray Hurford

Interview with Ranking Joe

“FORWARD AT THE DANCE” When: 1980 Where:  London UK Reporter: Ray Hurford Copyright:  1980 – Ray Hurford When Ranking Joe and Jah Screw arrived in the UK in August 1980 with Ray Symbolic’s sound system, DJ music was not that popular. A bad run of average DJ tunes albums and singles had left the reggae music follower indifferent to the man who must nice up the dance. It was to be the lull before the storm. Within a matter of months the DJ’s of Jamaica had come back, not only to liven up the DJ scene, but the whole...

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Interview with Jah Mel a.k.a. Arkangel

“JAH MEANS LORD AND MEL MEANS KING” When: 2010 Where:  London UK Reporter: Ray Hurford Copyright:  2010 – Ray Hurford Jahmel was born in Kingston, Jamaica. A Twelve Tribe member, Jahmel started singing way back in his Kingston College days. He migrated to the United States and was discovered by music producer, Roydale (Andy) Anderson. Andy first heard him on the mic in a dancehall in upstate, Rochester, New York. He fell for Jahmel’s clear and sweet sounding voice and promptly took him to Jamaica to Harry J’s Studio to record his first album “Watchful Eyes” in order to...

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