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Author: Robert Heilman at Reggae Vibes

Cultivated Mind & Big Natty – King St.Dub

Release Info Cultivated Mind & Big Natty – King St.Dub Label: King Street Studios | Format: CD-DR | Street date: DR January 12, 2018 – CD March, 2018 | Facebook Artist Tracks Memories King St.Dub David Dub Greener Pasture/I’m Gonna Make It Reggaeletto Fair Weather Friends ft.Drew Boyd Iniverse (Sometimes I Sit And Wonder) East Coast Reggae East Coast Reggae runnings are flowing as mighty as Zambezi. From Vermont down to Florida, Roots music has been upfront for decades now. Virginia is no exception; the annual Chesapeake Bay Reggae Festival, Adwela & The Uprising, the Roots ambassador TUFF LION,...

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King Kong – Repatriation

Release Info King Kong – Repatriation Label: Irie Ites Records | Format: CD-DR-LP | Street date: CD/DR March 2, 2018 – LP April 13, 2018 | Facebook King Kong | Website Label | Soundcloud King Kong Tracks Money Could A Buy Gwaan Pree The Money Repatriation Change Old School feat. Burru Banton & Pinchers Just A Grow Wake Up The Town feat. Eek A Mouse Rootsman Skanking Dancehall Teacher Licky Licky After Midnight King Kong “Trouble again… the world is getting nervous.” Lyrics born to become a reality anthem that stands tall after 30 years. King Kong’s “Trouble Again”...

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Alam – Sounds Of Freedom

Release Info Alam – Sounds Of Freedom Label: Alam | Format: CD-DR | Street date: March 2, 2018 | Facebook Alam | Website Alam | Soundcloud Alam Tracks Where Is Your Love Better World We Are The Future Open The Borders Freedom feat. Soom T Givin Someday Dad Tomorrow Cocoon Never Fade Away Open The Borders Dub feat. Cedric Verdier Alam How refreshing it is to hear authentic sounds that radiate warmth, hope and strength in these perilous times. France based ALAM have been spreading glorious vibrations for the last decade with critically acclaimed live and studio works. Their...

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I David Meets Dougie Conscious – Dub Confliction

Release Info I David Meets Dougie Conscious – Dub Confliction Label: Conscious Sounds | Format: LP-DR | Street date: January 8, 2018 | Facebook I David | Facebook Dougie Conscious Tracks Side A Right Hook Dub Natural Melody Rolling Dub Pillar Dub Dawn Dub Side B High Pass Dub Eternal Dub King Davids Psalm Low Pass Dub Brave Dub When two of UK’s foremost producers/engineers link together for a project, great runnings are the course. I-David and Dougie Conscious have been creating works of the highest degree for decades now. The upfront ambassadors rally together in total cohesion on...

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Anthony ‘Pure Silk’ Brightly (Black Slate) interview

“BLACK SLATE – SLATED FOR THE FUTURE” When: November 2013 Where: Antigua / California (by phone) Reporter:  Robert “Higherman” Heilman Copyright:  2013 – Robert “Higherman” Heilman When a Roots Reggae connoisseur ponders on the beautiful music scape of British Reggae, numerous names will come to full attention. Bands like Misty In Roots, Matumbi, Black Roots, Steel Pulse and Aswad come to mind. Then, there’s BLACK SLATE. The third oldest successful Reggae unit to lay the foundation for so many artists, this multi-layered outfit has been topping the charts and our Hearts since the mid 1970s. Their timeless albums are...

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Hosny Bronx – New Moment

Release Info Hosny Bronx – New Moment Label: Hosny Bronx | Format: DR | Street date: January 16, 2018 | Facebook Artist | Website Artist Tracks Strong Life Earth And Us Free Child So Alone Lost In The Memories New Moment Dance As A Lion We Are Every People Come With Us Free Child Dub Earth And Us Dub Hosny Bronx King’s Music is message music in its pure and true nature. Vibrations that extend to all people across Creation. Roots veteran HOSNY BRONX is a true messenjah whose undiluted and powerful songs have been embraced globally for two...

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Exile Di Brave – Meets Black Star

Release Info Exile Di Brave – Meets Black Star Label:  Black Star Foundation | Format:  CD-DR | Street date: August 25, 2017 | Facebook Artist | Website Label Tracks Never Get Weak Yet Celebrate Our Love Buy Lies Spend My Money ft.Taxi Red Ash (Disco Mix) Earnings Never Get Dubbed Yet Black Star Foundation There’s been a flurry of Royal activity at Black Star Foundation recently. The Amsterdam based Roots organization is celebrating 15 years of developing and spreading King’s Music with a slew of superb releases. Talking about new Leah Rosier, Asher-E and “World Of Righteousness Riddim”. Last August, they...

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Arema – If Loving You

Release Info Title: Arema – If Loving You Label: City Boy Records | Format: CD-DR | Street date: December 2, 2017 | Website: N/A Tracks If Loving You If Loving You Dub Arema London has been a musical hotbed for Reggae runnings for decades; crisp and precise. The late ’70s saw the emergence of incredibly talented singers and players of instruments in dynamic frequency. From Roots to Lover’s Rock, the output was consistent and groundbreaking. Discussing the latter of the two styles, AREMA laid a Royal foundation that stands firm to this day. Leroy Wilson and the original lineup have just released...

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