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In the early 1970’s Black Music Magazine was the only publication that covered the world of Jamaican music. Each month the magazine published the Black Music Reggae Top Ten (singles & albums). We will regularly post these old charts on our website.
The charts were provided by Eric Denham, for which we thank him.

Singles Chart April 1974

1 Here I Am Baby (Come And Take Me) – Al Brown & Skin Flesh & Bones (Trojan)
2 A Little Bit Of Soap – The Pioneers (Trojan)
3 I Am Ready To Go – Monty Morris (Ackee)
4 I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More – Lloyd Charmers (Harry J)
5 Rock And Roll Lullabye – Jimmy London (Green Door)
6 Kiss An Angel In The Morning – Ken Parker (Attack)
7 Chucky – The Viceroys (Harry J)
8 Dr Kitch – Judge Dread (Trojan)
9 White Rum And Salvation – Lloyd Charmers (Big Shot)
10 Pardon – George Dekker (Trojan)

Singles Chart April 1974 Playlist

Albums CHART April 1974

1 1000 Volts Of Holt – John Holt (Trojan)
2 The Marvels – The Marvels (Trojan)
3 Twenty Dragon Hits – Various Artists (Dragon)
4 Just Tito Simon – Tito Simon (Horse)
5 Sings For I – John Holt (Trojan)
6 Jimmy Brown – Ken Parker (Trojan)
7 Build Me Up – Brent Dowe (Trojan)
8 20 Explosive Reggae Hits – Various Artists (Trojan)
9 Freedom Feeling – The Pioneers (Trojan)
10 Top Of The Ladder – Clancy Eccles (Big Shot)

albums chart April 1974 playlist


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