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Veteran reggae singer Joe Banner is on his way back.

by | Jun 28, 2017 | News

Joe Banner

Veteran reggae singer Joe Banner is on his way back.

Do you remember veteran reggae artist Joe Banner aka Joe Banna? Well, he’s on his way back. So watch out, because this is Joe’s time to shine.

Veteran reggae singer Joe Banner is on his way back.

Joe Banner, real name Bascoe Walker, was born in Kingston Jamaica where he resides to this day. His parents both sang in church and Joe, like many young Jamaicans, sang in the church choir.

Joe’s musical career started in the early 1970s as a DJ for Earl Disco Sound System and his first recording was on a riddim sent to him by Lee Scratch Perry called “Sufferas Time” quickly followed by his next single “Police and Thieves” also a Lee Scratch Perry, which was covered by Junior Murvin. At the time, he was recording under the name Joe Banna.

The next track by Joe Banner (Banna) was “Open the Gate Bobby Boy” in collaboration with Jerry Baxter’s Well Pleased & Satisfied. A disco mix of this track was released in 1974 and is still a much sought after record to this day.

Joe’s first public performance as an artist was at Jack Ruby’s Bamboo Lawn in Ochi Rios, in the parish of Saint Ann, Jamaica, opening for artists such as Jack Ruby and Black Uhuru.

In the 1980’s Joe Banner formed a group with Jan Earl and Glen Gentel which they named Wackad. Glen Gentel was the lead vocalist of the group and they recorded 17 tracks for King Jammy’s but most were never released, the most well-known track being “Cry for The Youths”

In the 1990’s Joe changed his name to Joe Banner and formed his own production company named “Joe Banner Production” He produced the first Joe Banner single “Love Me Baby” with the producer named as B. Walker. The next single that Joe Banner produced himself was called “Sunshine Day” which led to the production company being renamed “Sunshine Day Productions”

At present Joe is working on the re-release of the album “Humanity” on the Sunshine Day Productions label.

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