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Brand new track called “Someday” by the French Group Alam

by | Sep 21, 2017 | News


Brand new track called “Someday” by the French Group Alam.

With “Someday”, Alam will take you by the hand to a future written with warm letters in a world at peace and full of freedom.


In those strangest days when the great black flag of uniformisation and selfishness flutters upon our heads, the time may have come for revolution… A soft revolution made of respect for one another, of listening to our desires rather than the society restrictions, of a change of point of view upon our behaviors to put back our humanity at the center of our lives, to write another story more truthful focused at last on our real needs.

It’s up to us, human beings, to build a future made of justice and love, tolerance and shareness, to take back that power from those who stole it with or with our consent, to give a final chance to those who walk upon our planet to live throughout tomorrow.

Resistance is useless : with “Someday “, Alam will take you by the hand to a future written with warm letters in a world at peace and full of freedom.

Within the fragile balance between emotion and reason, it sometimes takes a tiny little thing to awaken our senses and carry us to a better place. That’s exactly what Alam has been doing for the past ten years, inviting us on an energizing trip, album after album, show after show, in a universe in which dream and conscience lives in good harmony, style never prevails upon content, a plentiful journey which soothes our bodies and broadens our minds.

After more than 700 shows including prestigious openings such as Tiken Jah Fakoly, Pablo Moses, Groundation, Skatalites, U Roy, Clinton Fearon, Danakil, Alborosie and much more, two albums and one EP acclaimed both by medias and public, Alam goes back on the road to preach a profound and intense roots dub reggae, a music devoted to words that strike like true weapons against ambiant cynism.

With their promising third album expected in February 2018,introduced by the first sinle « Someday » – on which the experts will recognize a few arrangements from the English prodige Flox, Alam shows the way to a conscious reggae bourne by Marie’s bewitching voice, in which intersect the most ancient roots sounds and the most contemporary melodies, in which vibes get stronger and stronger to raise at its highs their ferocious will to make our body moves while our souls enlighten.

A single to discover now, spicy appetizer for the new album…

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