“From Sicily to Jamaica”, Shakalab’s collab with Assassin aka Agent Sasco

by Nov 24, 2017News

Shakalab feat. Assassin aka Agent Sasco - From Sicily to Jamaica

“From Sicily to Jamaica”, Shakalab’s collab with Assassin aka Agent Sasco.

“From Sicily to Jamaica” is the musical bridge that Shakalab joins with Jamaican reggae/dancehall star Assassin aka Agent Sasco.

“From Sicily to Jamaica”, Shakalab’s collab with Assassin aka Agent Sasco.

“From Sicily to Jamaica” is the title of Shakalab’s last single. For this single, the Sicilian family of reggae uses the collaboration of one of the most important and sought after artists of the modern Jamaican music scene: Assassin Aka Agent Sasco, also known for his collaborations with world music superstars like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. The executive production is entrusted to Quadraro Basement and Germaica Digital, two leading record companies in the field of Hip Hop and Reggae Music, in collaboration with Django Concerti, a new booking agency which works with Shakalab.

The passage speaks of the connection between the two islands through the music, the analogies and the contrasts between these two lands and these two cultures, the diversity and the equality of these two worlds so far away, but at the same time united by an indissoluble bond, music.
The rhythm is fierce, hard and modern, in which all the artistic talent of its composer, Nicolas Madonia aka Gheesa, is confirmed, one of the most valid beatmakers in circulation. Sharp lyrics span between Italian, Sicilian, English and the Jamaican patios creating an invisible bridge between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean as a true manifestation of union. Same sound, same blood plays a part of the chorus, as if to point out, the proximity, not only musical but also human, between these two islands.

The video clip is written and directed by Mauro Russo (Calibro9 Film), a true institution for music video in Italy, just think that the latest Clementino, Baby K, Mika, J-Ax and Fedez, Alborosie, Max Pezzali and many others carry his signature. Among the protagonists of the clip are, besides Shakalab and Agent Sasco, Super Dancehall Queen Aurora Rah, Dancing Light dancer crew and South Sound System, ambassadors of Italian Reggae in the world, with whom Shakalab collaborated many times.

With “From Sicily to Jamaica”, the Shakalabs are one of the most interesting realities in the Italian independent landscape and are preparing to close their third record work, scheduled for 2018.