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New music from The Dubbeez

by | Jan 5, 2018 | News

The Dubbeez (Olivia)

New music from The Dubbeez.

Prior to the release of their full album “Peace, Love & Dub”, the Dubbeez come up with a brand new video for the song “Obsession”.

The Dubbeez


Young and upcoming reggae band The Dubbeez consists of Joanne (vocals), Quincy (vocals), Olivia (bass), Earl (drums), Mills (guitar) and Bobby (keyboards). The young reggae collective from Amsterdam and Almere, proves that good reggae is timeless. This sextet is convincingly rebooting classic roots reggae and club reggae. The band’s step in the spotlights was winning the International World Reggae contest at Ostróda Reggae Festival, Poland. With the tight rhythm machine, formed by brother and sister Earl and Olivia, the Dubbeez lay a solid foundation for their own, shimmering compositions. Reggae songs with a vintage feel, which takes the best of classic reggae and translates it to here and now. The Dubbeez triumphantly show that reggae has universal potential. This year, the Jamaican episode proved to be a very rewarding one. Their first album materialized on sacred ground.

“Arriving in Jamaica you expect sun, sea and beach,” says Olivia, “but from the moment we landed on Jamaican soil we worked very hard in the studio. And in these air-conditioned buildings, it was deadly cold,” she adds with an amused smile. In 2017, The Dubbeez went to the legendary Tuff Gong and Anchor studios in Jamaica where Bob Marley and a host of others recorded all their classic songs. The ambiance of the studio and friendliness of its engineers left a deep impression on all the members of the band. “One Dutch minute is 60 seconds, in Jamaica one minute counts for 6 minutes. But our welcome was very heartfelt and hospitable, there were some really nice people to take care of us. Both in and outside the studio, the professionality was just amazing. The crew really took our music to a new level.”

“Reggae must be one of the most influential genres around,” says drummer Earl. “Elements of reggae you hear in almost every successful contemporary pop-style, but somehow the original sound has been moved over to the limelight.” Olivia adds: “Some people have a quite narrow perception of reggae, it really is a deep and broad spectrum of styles, with lots of nuance.” Earl agrees and says he especially likes the way one can express a plethora of feelings: “I like how each tune on the album has a different vibe.”

One peculiar moving moment happened in the studio, when Robbie Shakespeare, the bass playing half of internationally acclaimed rhythm section and production duo Sly & Robbie, was pacing up and down the corner of the room, watching silently as the Dubbeez were listening to their own rough tracks. Suddenly he approached Olivia and asked her: “Hey, can I give you a bassline?” Instantly he began humming the melody. “Now that was an emotional thing,” says Olivia, still in awe. “The only person who did such a thing before that moment was my father.” The father of Olivia and Earl, who lured them into music and reggae as a profession, passed away in 2015, but he remains present in everything the Dubbeez think and do.

“Our father has learned us so much, especially where it concerns the right way how to work as a professional musician,” says Earl. Olivia adds: “He learned me like no other teacher how to create a deep bassline, and how to check if it works out – or if it’s crap.” He would have been so proud, seeing them record in Jamaica, and releasing their debut album on Bob Marley’s label. The future shines bright for the Dubbeez, that’s for sure.

Prior to the release of their full album “Peace, Love & Dub”, which was recorded at the Tuff Gong and Anchor Studios in Kingston, Jamaica by Sam Clayton & Stephen Stewart with additional recordings and mixing at Earth Works, Amsterdam, by Ben King, the Dubbeez come up with a brand new video of the song “Obsession”.

(Note: International release of the “Peace, Love & Dub” album on January 26, 2018 by V2 Records & Tuff Gong Worldwide)

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