Myal Soul presents “Natty Dread”

by Feb 18, 2018News

Myal Soul - Natty Dread

Myal Soul presents new single “Natty Dread”.

Myal Soul’s brand new single “Natty Dread” (NOT a Bob Marley cover) was digitally released by Jahmanti Records on February 16, 2018.

Myal Soul presents new single “Natty Dread”.

“A Jamaican voice with intruiging distinction fused with an unconventional guitar style. Percussive octapus for a Drummer and groovy Basslines; magic from the ground up. Pure energy; get yourself a drink for this” – Myal Soul


Myal Soul, founded by two members of the original No-Maddz, currently consists of 2 core members; Oneil Peart and Christopher Downer with an extension of the new kid on the block Levi Stover (bassist/backing Vocals). The band plays predominantly Reggae with a mixture of different genres such a Soul, Funk, Ska, Dancehall, R&B, Rock & Roll intertwined with a sweet touch of poetry. Factually, the band is known for its energetic performances that keep audiences moving.


Oneil Peart, born in Kingston, Jamaica, is the lead singer/ songwriter/ guitarist of Myal Soul. Oneil is considered to be the voice of the group with his infectious tone and melody. He started to perform at the tender age of 8 and has been doing so ever since. Oneil has also enjoyed his own chart success as a solo artist with the singles “Judge Dem”, “Still Got The Blues” and “Take Me In Your Arms.” Furthermore, he was awarded the pinnacle of accolades as it relates to Arts and Culture in Jamaica, when he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in the year 2007. Lastly, Oneil has been featured in the film “Shattered Image” and was a lead in the Puma Faas Campaign.


Christopher Downer aka Krispercs Upnah Nmdz, born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, is the drummer/percussionist/backing vocalist. He’s considered to be the riddim of the band as he is a drummer with the flair to compete and hold his own among the best. He started in Jamaica’s most renown performing Arts group called Ashe, where he has toured the world. As a result, he was sort after by Reggae legends Rita Marley and Jimmy Cliff to play as a percussionist. Chris is one of the best in percussion that Jamaica of Jamaica has to offer.


Still under the name No-Maddz, Myal Soul has enjoyed chart success in Jamaica with singles “Romance” and “Shotta.” Both songs have welcomed music lovers from across the world; especially in Europe. The band has toured the United States, Europe and Asia in 2016/2017. Myal Soul is now working to release a new project “Serious Love”, expected to be released in 2018.


Myal Soul’s brand new single “Natty Dread” (NOT a Bob Marley cover!) was released on February 16, 2018. The song across the “Dread Natty Dread” riddim, put out by Jahmanti Records, has been produced by veteran musician/producer Bunn Riley from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with whom Oneil Peart & Christopher Downer (as the No-Maddz) toured Europe in the Winter of 2016. Song credits : lead vocal: Oneil Peart, backing vocal/percussion: Krispercs, bass & keyboards: Bunn Riley, drums: Freddy Poncin, and guitar: Ifie Bopro.