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Nice new tune from Vysionaer

by | May 12, 2018 | News

Vysionear - Bring Back The Love


Producer Anthony Senior’s well respected Jamaican label Al.Ta.Fa.An Records presents a brand new single from Vysionaer.


Soulful and revolutionary, Vysionaer’s sound is unparalleled. Born and raised in Balaclava Rose Valley, St. Elizabeth JA the artist’s powerful voice and uplifting lyrics command your attention. Vysionaer’s music transports his listeners on a journey through the people’s struggle. His lyrics paint a vivid picture of Jamaica’s most noticeable contrasts – examining both her joy and pain. Growing up in rural Jamaica, Vysionaer experienced the island’s softer side, with green hill side and peaceful communities as his backdrop. Yet, his own life had great challenges and yet he was well aware of the voilence, poverty and homelessness around him, so he poured this pain and awareness into his music. As his name implies, the singer is a visionary. He sees past his present circumstances and challenges listeners to push pass there hardships and tap into their strengths and blessings…

Al.Ta.Fa.An Records’ producer Anthony Senior presents a new single from Vysionaer called “Bring Back Love”. The latter comes across a riddim already known from Jah Vibe & Anthony B’s collaboration “Youth”.

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