Barry Brown – Vibes Of Barry Brown

by Jun 25, 2018News

Barry Brown - Vibes of Barry Brown

Barry Brown – Vibes of Barry Brown | REISSUE

The album surfaced in limited quantities in 1981 via Sonic Sounds’ Gorgon imprint, the sub-label reserved for producers that lacked an established label of their own.

Although production is not specifically credited, the album is likely a self-produced work, since Brown is credited as sole songwriter, just as he was on the self-produced ‘Cool Pon Your Corner’ LP from 1980. The albums are stylistically similar too, with Brown singing over hard roots rhythms, most likely laid at Channel One with the core of the Roots Radics, and voiced and mixed at King Tubby’s. 

Now reissued by Radiation Roots, Italian record label and distributor connected to Radiation record shop located in Rome. CD + LP


Love & Understanding
Twinkle Of An Eye
I Am Feeling Right
Chant Them
Follow Fashion People
Don’t Mess With Dread
Sad Girl
Dark Shadows
Shadow Dub