Coming soon: Lee Perry vs Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee – Dub Soundclash

by Jul 27, 2018News

Dub Soundclash

Lee Perry vs. Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee – Dub Soundclash | NEW ALBUM

Jamaican Recordings confronts Lee Perry with Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee in a wicked Dub Soundclash. The Perry dubs include nuff 70s material while Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee brings in early 80s stuff. In their heydays both men worked together on many occasions…but here you decide who is winner! Original vocal cuts by max Romeo, Junior Byles, Cornell Campbell and other reggae heroes. Check out the tracks section for more info. CD adds three bonus tracks.

LP + CD to be expected early August 2018



LP and CD (* CD bonus tracks)

1 War Inna Dub / War Inna Babylon riddim
2 Vampire Dub / Ketch Vampire riddim
3 Curly Dub / Curly Locks riddim
4 Words Dub / Words Of My Mouth riddim
5 Judgement Dub / Judgement Day riddim
6 Praising Dub Dub / Thanks And Praise riddim
7 Fixing Dub / Mr Fix It riddim
8 Every Trick Dubwise / Every Trick In The Book riddim
9 Promoting Dub / Everybody Need Promotion riddim
10 A Heavenly Dub / Heavenless riddim
11 M16 Dub Style / M16 riddim
12 A Real Rocking Dub / Real Rock riddim
13 A Drifting Wood / Drifter riddim
14 Solomon Wise Dub* / Soloman riddim
15 Scratch Creation Dub* / From Creation riddim
16 Brush Me Dub* / Sweety Come Brush Me riddim