Dactah Chando – Global Cityzen

by Jul 6, 2018News

Dactah Chando - Global Cityzen

Dactah Chando’s sixth full length album.

“Global Cityzen” is the title of Dactah Chando’s new studio album, which follows up the 2017 released live album “Live At Reggae Can Festival”.

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“Global Cityzen” is Dactah Chando’s sixth full length album, which was released April 27, 2018 and is available on CD & Vinyl and on all Digital platforms.. After the lively Canarian Reggae artist has successfully caught on tape and published a good dose of spirited concert vibes with his 2017 released live album “Live At Reggae Can Festival”, now, Chando’s fans worldwide are treated to nine brand new songs released through Achinech Productions.

Dactah Chando, the Godfather of Canarian Style Reggae, produced “Global Cityzen” in cooperation with head engineer Umberto Echo and Gentleman’s current live band The Evolution. Stylistically confident Roots Riddims, made up of well-selected Reggae features, build the longplayer’s musical foundation. Thereby, Ska inspired stylistics from the late sixties as in “Every Day”, as well as ancient Nyabinghi heartbeats (“Friend”) and striding One Drops (“Children Of Jah”) pervade the album’s overall mystic spirit. Royal and majestic brass sections in the title song (“Global Citizen”) additionally underline the dignity inherent in its song’s topics, while driving up-tempo Steppers beats (“Forever”, “Will Wait”) emphasize the easiness and bliss inherent in them.

In typical Chando style, jumping back and forth from Spanish to English, the Dactah passionately sings about his emotions regarding “Mother Nature” (“Ring The Alarm”) and worldly, as well as spiritual love (“Friend”). This album is home to an energetic plea for equality and individuality, consciousness and the divinity of live. “My Way” and its Spanish equivalent “Sigue Tu Camino” close the album and manifest an idea inspired by Blue Phlamez Records from Jamaica, which developed from an interview with 93FM radio host Shavane Jamaine Daley back in 2016.

After the release of visuals for the tracks “My Way” and “Ring The Alarm”, there’s now the brand new Video for “Children Of Jah”, filmed during the recording sessions of the album in Berlin, Germany.