Giark releases Video for “I’ve Been There”

by Jul 3, 2018News

Giark - I've Been There

Giark releases Video for “I’ve Been There”.

Giark, legendary producer  Bobby Digital’s son, presents himself to the world with the video for his song “I’ve Been There”.

The passionate vocals, powerful message and stunning visuals for Giark’s “I’ve Been There” make this a solid introduction to what is to come from the budding reggae artist, who’s the son of legendary producer Bobby Digital. Directed by Fernando F. Hevia, the video showcases Giark being in different places from the woods, the streets, the beach and in a dark room. The visuals interpret the mind state of being somewhere in theory by showing the artist in different settings literally.

“I reached a point where I just said ‘I can’t stop now’ even if I thought it wasn’t going to work, that’s how we get to the point of moving forward. I got the hook by looking into space and the lyrics just dawned on me,” Giark says on penning the song. Many will compare him to his father Bobby Digital, but he expresses he has his own musical agenda, “To me the work of my father is not comparable. He is a producer and I am an artist. The direction is completely different.”

“’I’ve Been There’ fits into the project because of the distinct sound and style to the normal tune of Jamaican culture. It was an experiment I enjoyed expressing my vocals on,” he continued. “This track is self-produced and this is my debut to the world with this video I want people to see who I am and the quality I demonstrate through creative direction. This is how I present the artist Giark to the world,” he concluded.