“The Wild Game” by Brother Wildman

by Jul 11, 2018News

Brother Wildman - The Wild Game

“The Wild Game” by Brother Wildman.

A compilation of songs by Brother Wildman, member of the vocal trio Emeterians.

Cosme Deyah & Infini-T Music have released a compilation of songs by Brother Wildman, member of the critical acclaimed vocal trio Emeterians.

Wildman`s solo career started a few years back. Alongside being a member of the Spanish reggae group Emeterians, Brother Wildman has released an extensive amount of music, working with producers like Positive Vibz (“Wild and Positive” EP), Chalice Sound (“Burning Wisdom Vol. 1 and Vol. 2” Mixtapes), Chalart 58 (“Be Wise” album) and different singles like the new combination “No quiero problem” with Ganjahr Family on their last album.

“The Wild Game” is an idea that started a couple of years ago, Mista-T from Infini-T Music and Cosme Deyah have been working with Wildman all this time and as well with the group Emeterians. After some releases together, they decided to put out an album with some of these tracks plus some new ones that they felt they had to include on this album.

Previously released tracks on “The Wild Game” are:

“Nah Give Up”“Same Question”“Bun Up” feat. Yeyo Perez – “Jah Jah Warrior”“Soundbwoy Gweh” feat. Nitty Kutchie – “Me Youths”“Collie Draw”

New tracks on “The Wild Game” are:

“Fyah Hot”, originally recorded by Wildman for “The Present Riddim” and now released in a different style on a Forward Ever Band instrumental. Recorded at Oktopus Studio, Madrid.

“Only the Fittest” is recorded on a still unreleased riddim by the Forward Ever Band, great message and a good example of Wildman´s skills as lyricist and at the microphone. Recorded at Oktopus Studio, Madrid.

“Call It A Lie”, first single of the album with a music video. It’s an amazing powerful song with a wicked backdrop courtesy of the UK finest Stingray Records. This track was recorded in 2016 at Oktopus Studio, London and produced by Carlton McLeod. Musicians: Jazzwad, Mafia, Valerie Vybz and Ivan Christie.

“Summer Vibes”, everyone be ready for the new summer ska song, wonderful lyrics highlighting the beauty of Spain and its Mediterranean coast. Riddim by Forward Ever Band, recorded at Okoume Studios, Madrid, Wildman vocals recorded at Oktopus Studio, London.

“Baby I Know” is the only love song on the album, and what a song! Amazing combination alongside Sistah Maryjane from the Emeterians.

“Baby I Dub”, closes this album with a dub mix done by none other than Maga Lion, the other member of the Emeterians, who finishes this album with the three of them together in a quite unique way.

All tracks were mixed by Dillie at Stingray Records (London) except “Baby I Know” and “Fyah Hot”, which were mixed at Oktopus Studios (Madrid) by Mista-T.

The new album “The Wild Game” by Brother Wildman is available on all digital stores and you can watch the video for the first single “Call It A Lie” here.