Zahira ft. Rising Buffalo Tribe – Mystic One

by Jul 29, 2018News

Zahira ft. Rising Buffalo Tribe - Mystic One

Zahira ft. Rising Buffalo Tribe – Mystic One | NEW SINGLE

Zahira is a soulful female Canadian reggae artist currently based out of Portland, OR. Her new single, “Mystic One”, is an uplifting reggae anthem calling listeners to live fearlessly and with an open heart. With her band, Rising Buffalo Tribe, Zahira fuses her heartfelt and inspiring lyricism with an sonic mixture of roots reggae, soul, funk, pop, and dub. Collectively their sound is both driven and characterized by lush vocal harmonies, deep grooving bass lines, and soaring guitar solos.

Zahira and Rising Buffalo Tribe have shared the stage with notable reggae artists such as Bunny Wailer, Wailing Souls, Chezidek, Junior Reid, Prezident Brown, The Original Wailers, and many more. In addition Zahira has personally collaborated with Sly & Robbie, Luciano, Bibi McGill, KRS-One, Yami Bolo, Don One Sound, and more. “Mystic One” released independently on July 27th on all digital platforms by Zojak Worldwide with the video being released a month later on August 27th.

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